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Lee Bowman, Associate Director
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Section 1116 of the Housing and Economic Recovery Act of 2008
 Establish an Office of Minority and Women Inclusion to
promote diversity in all activities at every level of the
organization, including employment, management, and
 Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act
of 2010, Section #342
 Establish an OMWI to be responsible for all matters regarding
diversity in the agency’s employment, management, and
business activities, including developing standards for assessing
the diversity policies and practices of its regulated entities.
Employment Outreach
Developing Standards for the FHFA’s 15 Regulated
 Fannie Mae
 Freddie Mac
 12 FHLBs
 Office of Finance
Assessing Compliance Against Those Standards
FHFA’s policy: Encourage use of the following businesses in procurement
and contracting opportunities.
 Minority-owned and women-owned businesses (MWOB),
 Businesses owned and operated by service-disabled veterans, and
individuals with disabilities, and
 Small disadvantaged businesses (SDB) concern in outreach efforts
to achieve the goals.
The Outreach Program will identify qualified MWOB and SDB firms
that are interested in providing goods and services used by the FHFA
Serving as Internal Advocates
Review Statements of Work
Refer firms to the Office of Contracts for consideration
Participate on Technical Evaluation Panels
Participate on Debriefings
Outreach and Technical Assistance
◦ Develop OMWI data base for bus opportunity solicitations
◦ Exhibit at trade associations’ annual conventions nationwide
◦ Provide minority business information and referral to
regulated entities.
◦ Provide training, match making, capacity building assistance
to regulated entities.
Developing standards for minority and women
inclusion in business activities of the regulated entities.
Assessing the entities performance against these
◦ Preliminary reports will be submitted to FHFA
◦ Currently developing exam process and procedures
Total Minority $:
Total Minority
Owned Businesses:
Total Women $:
Total Women
Owned Businesses:
◦ Total of Contracts for FY 2010: 657
◦ Total $ Value: $42,764,068.02
◦ Number of Contracts over $100,000: 65
Companies between $50K-$100K
◦ Total # of Companies Over $50,000 = 30
◦ Total # of Minority Owned Companies = 4
◦ Total # of Women Owned Companies = 1
Companies between $100K- $150K
◦ Total # of Companies Over $100,000 = 21
◦ Total # of Minority Owned Companies = 2
◦ Total # of Women Owned Companies = 1
Companies over $150K
◦ Total # of Companies Over $150,000 = 44
◦ Total # of Minority Owned Companies = 5
◦ Total # of Women Owned Companies = 4
FHFA’s contracting program deals daily with the diverse needs
and specialized requirements of both our mission divisions and
partnering offices.
We are responsible for procuring all goods and services,
including information technology systems, required by FHFA,
and that means we need a lot of good businesses to help us
meet all those needs.
It is especially important to understand how FHFA contracting
works, because FHFA is structured differently than many other
federal agencies.
Most purchased goods and services: software, including
modeling software; hardware; supplies; various services; etc.
FHFA’s funding is non-appropriated.
◦ not subject to the Federal Acquisition Regulations (known as FAR).
FHFA has its own contracting policies and procedures.
FHFA’ s policies and procedures blend the best of FAR and
private sector best practices
Allows more flexibility in meeting the agency’s mission.
Fixed-price contracts
Level of effort contracts; time and materials or labor hours
Basic ordering agreements or blanket purchase agreements;
◦ repeat requirements, and
◦ to establish a mechanism to acquire goods or services at a later date or
◦ on an ongoing basis.
Data Security
Market Analysis/Financial Analytics
Secure Facilities
Economic Modeling/Software Development
Training- Leadership/Management/EEO
Office Supplies/Printing
Building Maintenance
Registering Your Business Is the First and Most critical step
To be included for consideration on solicitation distribution mailing lists for contracts
in your business area, you should register in the following places:
1. Central Contractor Registration (CCR) System—
Generally, FHFA only awards contracts to businesses registered in CCR.
2. Federal Business Opportunities (also called FedBizOpps)—
3. FHFA Procurement Opportunities E-Mail—[email protected]
Send an e-mail directly to FHFA describing what goods or services your business
could provide to meet FHFA’s needs.
For more information visit: Click on About FHFA

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