Presidents of the United States

Presidents of the United States
5th grade
1. George Washington
Historical Facts
• A general of the
continental army during
the Revolutionary War.
He lost more battles than
• First U.S. President of the
United States.
• Moved the capital to
Washington D.C.
Random Facts
• George in on the U.S.
$1.00 bill and the $0.25
• He signed the U.S.
Constitution first.
• Did not have a middle
2. John Adams
Historical Facts
• One of the “Founding
Fathers” before the
Revolutionary War.
• Mr. Adams was the first
Vice President of the
United States.
Random Facts
• First U.S. President to
reside in the White
• Mr. Adams died on the
50th Anniversary of
Independence from
England on July 4, 1826.
3. Thomas Jefferson
Historical Facts
• Author of the Declaration of
• Bought land from France
called the “Louisiana
Purchase” in 1803, increasing
U.S. territory.
Random Facts
• On the $2.00 bill and the $0.05
• Died on the 50th Anniversary of
Independence from England
on July 4, 1826, the same day
as John Adams (but only 4
hours earlier).
4. James Madison
Historical Facts
• One of the major authors of the
U.S. Constitution.
• During his term, the U.S. went
to war with England called The
War of 1812.
• The Capitol and White House
was set ablaze during the war.
His wife, Dolly Madison, saved
important papers and a portrait
of George Washington before
the White House burned down.
Random Facts
• He was the shortest president,
5 feet, 4 inches tall.
• He is on the $5,000 bill, a bill
that is no longer printed.
(Discontinued in 1969
5. James Monroe
Historical Facts
• Monroe was the last U.S.
President to be from the
“Founding Fathers” of the
• He stated in a document to the
European nations, that the
U.S. would not allow countries
to establish colonies in both
Americas. (“Monroe Doctrine”)
Random Facts
• When Monroe became
president, the White House
was painted white for the first
• The 3rd president to die on the
4th of July.
6. John Quincy Adams
Historical Facts
• Son of John Adams
• He was a diplomat overseas
before he became the
• He was the brain behind The
Monroe Doctrine.
• After he was President, he
became a congressman in the
House of Representatives.
Random Facts
• He had a pet alligator. It was a
gift from Lafayette, a French
military officer.
• The name of the town he was
born in was Braintree.
7. Andrew Jackson
Historical Facts
• He was a general in the War of
1812, defeating the British at
New Orleans.
• He was considered one of the
first Presidents who
represented the “common
Random Facts
• Mr. Jackson was only 13 years
old when he fought in the
Revolutionary War.
• He is on the $20.00 bill.
8. Martin Van Buren
Historical Facts
• During Van Buren’s term of
office, there was a stock
market crash, causing many
people to lose their jobs and
have no money.
• Trail of Tears took place during
his term – the relocation of
Cherokee Indians from NC to
Random Facts
• Only President to have English
as a second language. Dutch
was his primary language
• After the stock market crashed,
he was nicknames “Van Buren
9. William Henry Harrison
Historical Facts
• He was the first President
to die while serving as
• He died only had served
as president for 1 month.
He had a cold that turned
into pnueomia.
Random Facts

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