Extraction of Nicotine

Extraction of Nicotine
By: DJ Hall and Brittany Hicks
 Determine if nicotine is extractable by means of
supercritical fluid
 Run more than one sample type to determine if this
makes a significant difference
 Supercritical Fluid Extraction
 Uses high pressure CO2
 Used to extract organics from different types of matrixes
 Allows for easy separation
 Problems
 All soluble organics will be separated form matrix
 Gas Chromatography Mass Spectroscopy
 Separation of violate organics
 Determine the analyte separated at specific retention
times using MS
Nicotine (162.12g/mol)
 Poison (parasympathomimetic alkaloid)
 Formed in nightshade family of plants
 Antiherbivor chemical
 Small doses
 Stimulant
 Relaxation
 Large doses
 Fatal
 2 Cigarettes Marlboro blend 27
 2 Pieces Nicorette Gum 2mg
 50 Drops of e-cigarette liquid 2.4% by weight
Extraction cont.
 All extractions were obtained by bubbling into methanol
and using SFE methanol modifier pump
 Cigarettes
 Ground using mortar and pestle
 Nicorette Gum
 Cut into small pieces
 E-cigarette liquid
 Celite as inert matrix
Determination of Nicotine
 All samples were diluted to 50ml of methanol
 A standard was created by diluting 4mg of Nicotine in
50ml of methanol
 Standards and Samples were run using the GC-MS
Reference Mass Spectra
Nicotine peak
Nicotine peak
Cigarettes cont.
E-Cigarette Liquid
Nicotine peak
E-Cigarette Liquid Cont.
Nicorette Gum
Chromatogram Comparison
E-Cigarette Liquid
Nicorette Gum
 It is possible to extract nicotine using the SFE
 Both the E-Cigarette and Cigarette samples contained
 The Nicorette Gum showed undetectable amounts of
 Nicotine may have be contained in the gum residue that
was filtered before dilution
Future Project
 Quantify the amounts of nicotine extracted
 Determine the extraction efficiency
Work Cited
 Fischer, M. and Jefferies, T. Optimization of Nicotine
Extraction from Tobacco Using Supercritical Fluid
Technology with Dynamic Extraction Modeling. J.Agric.
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