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How to use
Yearbook Avenue!
Logging into Yearbook Avenue:
Go to
Year: 2013
Job Number: 3625
Login: First Initial, Last Name (all lowercase)
Example: mczaja
• Password: ID #
How to work Yearbook Avenue:
• Out of all the tabs listed at the top of the site,
we use the Create tab the most.
What the Create tab consists of:
#1- Page Designer Link
The Page Designer tab is where
to click to get to all of the
pages in the book…
#2- Page Ladder Link
The Page Ladder tab is where
all the pages and their
deadlines are listed…
#3- Image Library Link
The Image Library tab is where
folders of each event have
pictures in them…
#’s 4 & 5 We don’t use!
#6- Coverage Report Link
The Coverage Report tab is
where you can find how many
times each student is listed in
the book…
Highlight the Create tab and click on
Page Designer…
Save Button
Add a photo
Print Button
Spell Check
Add Note
Add text
How to create a practice page:
Step #1:
Click on the File tab
and select New
Practice Page…
Once you click New Practice Page..
This little window will pop up and
you will need to enter your First and
Last Name and hit save.
Now that you know how to create a practice page,
your assignment is to create any type of layout that
you want.
• Your layout will need to include:
– A dominant photo.
– Copy.
– Captions with each photo.
– Primary & Secondary Headlines.
– Folios.
Once you are finished please print it out and turn it in.
This is a sample layout…
Primary HeadlineTells what the spread is
about without
mentioning what it is.
Copy or Story.
Folio- Page Number
1 2 3 4
7 8
9 10 11
Photo with a
Dominant Photo:
The biggest photo on a spread giving the reader a better
visual of what the spread is about.
The End!

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