David St. Pierre, Executive Director, Metropolitan Water Reclamation

July 23, 2014
Overview of MWRD’s Initial Stormwater
Management Authority
• Statutory background
• Cook County Stormwater Management Plan
• Current District stormwater management initiatives
• Detailed Watershed Plans (DWPs)
Statutory background
Public Act 93-1049 (Act) Granted authority to the District to assume
responsibilities of stormwater management for Cook County and provided a
funding mechanism
Requires the District to prepare and adopt by ordinance a countywide
stormwater management plan
The countywide plan may incorporate six or more separate watershed plans
Names six major watersheds in Cook County for which detailed watershed
plans shall be developed
Created Watershed Planning Councils to act as advisory bodies to the
Requires benefit cost analysis in evaluating project prioritizations between
The District may prescribe by ordinance reasonable rules and regulations
for floodplain and stormwater management
Cook County Stormwater Management Plan
The District may plan, implement, finance and operate regional
stormwater management projects in accordance with the adopted
stormwater management plan
CCSMP was developed in 2006 and adopted by the Board of
Commissioners in February 2007
CCSMP is a high level, organizational plan establishing an overall
framework for the program.
Detailed Watershed Plans (DWP)
One DWP for each of the 6 major watersheds
– Identify stormwater related problems in a watershed
– Develop alternative solutions to address regional flooding and erosion
– Evaluate the alternatives to determine those that are most effective in
addressing the watershed’s needs
– The completed DWPs contain a summary of the watershed’s areas of
concern, and a listing of recommended regional capital improvement
Recommended DWP
15 Flood Control Projects to
address overbank flooding
16 Streambank Stabilization
Projects to address critical erosion
Albany Park
Flood Control Projects
Addison Creek Reservoir
Albany Park Tunnel
960 Acre-Foot
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Upper Des Plaines and Tributaries Phase II Study
Recommended projects in Cook County include:
UDPR&T Phase II Flood Risk
Management Projects
Total Estimated Project Cost
River Grove
Franklin Park, Schiller Park
Ashland-Fargo Levee
Des Plaines
Fullerton Woods Compensatory
Storage Reservoir
River Grove
Harry Semrow Driving Range
Compensatory Storage Reservoir
Des Plaines
Fullerton-Grand Levee
Belmont-Irving Park Levee
Legislative Amendment to MWRD’s
Stormwater Management Authority
Illinois State Senator Daniel Biss
9th Legislative District
Sponsor of Phase II Legislation
Public Act 98-0652 enacted into
Law on June 18, 2014
• Allows the District to move
forward on new initiatives under
its Phase II program including
partnering with local
communities and agencies to
address local drainage
problems, and setting up a
program for purchasing flood
prone and flood damaged
property on a voluntary basis.
Phase II Program
Projects Partnerships:
• MWRD will partner with local communities and agencies to assist with
projects to address flooding
Voluntary Acquisition Program:
• MWRD to develop program to purchase flood-prone and flood-damaged
property on a voluntary basis
Cook County Stormwater Management Plan
Amended July 10, 2014 to reflect new statutory authority.
35 projects approved for MWRD
Shovel-ready and Conceptual
Distributed throughout Cook
Types of Projects include:
Green infrastructure
Localized detention
Upsizing critical storm
Pump stations
Establishing drainage ways
Phase I Projects in 9th Senate District
• 11-052-5F - Middle Fork and
• 12-055-5C - Flood Control
West Fork of the North Branch of
Project on the West Fork of the
the Chicago River Streambank
North Branch of the Chicago
Stabilization Projects in
River in Glenview (a/k/a "Tall
Phase II Projects in 9th Senate District
• Glenview 1 - East of Harms
Road Regional Stormwater
• IDOT 17 - Central Road from
IL 21 to Dearlove
• Winnetka 4 - New Storm
Sewers and Berms in
Northwest Winnetka
Green Infrastructure
• Evanston 1 - Reconstruction of
Evanston Civic Center Park
Lot with Green Infrastructure
• Kenilworth 2 - Reconstruction
of Cumberland Ave., Rosylyn
Rd., and Melrose Ave. with
Green Infrastructure
• Stormwater Master Plan Pilot
Study: Northbrook and nearby
unincorporated Cook Co.
Phase II Voluntary Acquisitions
Current Activities:
• Flood-prone property purchase program policy under development
• MWRD Board Study session held on July 10th to discuss program
Future Activities:
• Policy to be developed and submitted to the Board by August 7, 2014
• Incorporate Board and public feedback
• Implement program
• Review program annually
• MWRD currently investigating potential buyout areas in Glenview and
throughout Cook County
David St. Pierre

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