David Agmashenebeli № 61

David Agmashenebeli № 61
Meidan Group offers new Trade and Entertainment center
on David Agmashenebeli ave. № 61
About our Company
Meidan Group is one of the largest real estate development companies in Old Tbilisi area, established in 2000.
The aim of the company is investment in the historical part of Tbilisi and implementation of new projects
maintaining the architectural traditions.
Meidan Group participates in the development of Old Tbilisi route.
The territories chosen for the activity are characterized by Tbilisi eclectic style and vivid contrasts, every site
telling it’s own story and surrounded with Old Tbilisi traditions revived by the modernity.
About our Company
For present the company implements 20 large scale projects as in Tbilisi as in
Sighnagi, implemented business centers with well-known reputation as are:
 ”Meidan Palace” - Kote Afghazi str. 44;
 ”Meidan Row” – Gorgasali str. 1 / Samgebro str. 6;
 ”Mantashev Trade Rows” - Bambis Rigi 7;
 ”Diplomats House” - David Agmashenebeli ave.61, with recreation zone “Rose
The accelerated temp of it’s development is determined by three main factors:
Exclusivity, High quality and professionalism
David Agmashenebeli № 61
Meidan Group
offers the Trade and entertainment center located on one of the prestigious
street in Tbilisi, which represents Effective synthesis of modern trade and entertainment center
both for children an teenagers.
 Building of historical importance with pannoe by Zurab Tsereteli – special feature at the
 seismic stability: up to 9 point;
 Back Façade part traditional “Diplomats
House” business center with 6 floor office
infrastructure provided with 2 elevators ;
 Middle part of food court and boutiques mainly for children and families;
 Façade part occupied by one of the biggest Turkish bank – “Ziraat Bank;
David Agmashenebeli № 61
Surrounding infrastructure: Subway, TBC Bank, McDonalds, Marjanishvili
theatre, Embassy of Germany, the culture hall of Railway workers, Center
of symphony music (attractive strategic location)
David Agmashenebeli № 61
Renovated Agmashenebeli avenue becomes commercial and cultural center of Tbilisi
 Underground parking and over the ground parking for
David Agmashenebeli № 61
150 cars.
 24/7 services and facilities by experienced staff;
 Uninterrupted
Municipality suppliers (automatic Generator electricity);
 Round the clock safety (perimeter security) – highest
standards (security includes fire and ant robbery alarm
system, 24 hour video monitoring of the buildings and
surrounding territory and also “live” guards 24 hour security
provision/permit system);
 Air conditioning and heating system -autonomous;
Telephone numbers and line provisions;
 Computer, cable TV lines, optical – fiber cable internet and
wireless internet provision;
 I Floor - 25-30 USD without VAT;
 II Floor - 17-20 USD without VAT;
 III Floor - USD without VAT .
Note: On the third floor the fixed contribution will be replaced by proportional
division of conjoint activity.
David Agmashenebeli № 61
David Agmashenebeli № 61
I Floor - Commercial Space
189,215 m2
15,582 m2
405,104 m2
56,759 m2
23,490 m2
23,490 m2
56,757 m2
477 m2
Ziraat Bank
278,711 m2
David Agmashenebeli № 61
II Floor – Commercial Space
93,124 m2
199,856 m2
106,234 m2
154,237 m2.
150,326 m2
127,640 m2.
126,808 m2
167,976 m2
204,160 m2
Ziraat Bank
166,365 m2
106,392 m2
David Agmashenebeli № 61
III Floor - Trade and entertainment spaces for children
211,860 m2
186,261 m2
Office Space
698,801 m2
For Cinema
216,502 m2.
The First group (priority):
 Kids apparel;
 Kids sports shop;
 Kids toys;
 Audio, DVD and video games;
 Drug store and hygiene store for kids;
 Furniture for kids;
 Stationery shop for kids;
 Kids beauty salons;
 Entertainment center;
 Movie theatre for kids.
The second group:
 Bank branches;
 Eating spots;
 Supermarket;
 Etc.
David Agmashenebeli № 61
Rose Garden
Two acres of recreation zone “Rose garden”, that is directly
connected to the business and trade
center, located on
Agmashenebeli ave. 61, creates a unified complex of “Meidan
Group”, where you can relax as well as organize variety if outdoor
and cultural – entertaining events
Meidan Group
Kote Abghazi str. 44
Tbilisi, Georgia
591 194452 Keti
591 194472 Irakli
595 002581 Tamaz
595 002582 David
E-mail: [email protected]

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