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English Pronunciation
Stress, Intonation and Rhythm
Caryn T. Davis, Dean of Academic Affairs, February 23, 2013
• Test
• Of
• English for
• International
• Communication
More Than 25 Years
• Global standard for workplace
English language proficiency
–5 million test takers each year
–180 countries
• 9,000 locations
The TOEIC Speaking Test
20 minute online test
Scored by trained evaluators
8 is the highest score
Test takers receive a written report
– Score
– Areas of Strengths
– Areas for Improvement
TOEIC Speaking Test
• http://www.ets.org/Media/Tests/TOEIC/pdf/T
SIR Pronunciation Practice for the
TOEIC Speaking Test
• Codes to access the Pronunciation Practice
will be made available to interested faculty
and staff. Please contact Mr. Ferraro or Ms.
Additional TOEIC Preparation & General
Pronunciation Practice Websites
TOEIC Tips and Practice:
• http://www.englishitutor.com/TOEIC_SW.html
Pronunciation Practice Websites:
• Spokenenglish.com
• Manythings.com
What’s Next?
February and March 2013
– Review and practice SIR using the TOEIC
Speaking Test module at the SpanishAmerican Institute
– Review additional websites
Taking the TOEIC Speaking Test?
• The tests will be administered starting in
April, 2013
• Please inform Mr. Ferraro or Ms. Davis by
March 5 if you would like to take the
TOEIC Speaking Test

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