Goldilocks PowerPoint

Goldilocks and the
Three Bears
Welcome Back! Greet your
partner and silently read
through the short script
and answer the three
questions provided
7.E.1.1 Compare the composition, properties and structure of Earth’s atmosphere to include mixtures of
gases and differences in temperature and pressure within layers.
Today’s Purpose
I will be able to understand Goldilocks Principle in relation to the
importance of the Earth’s atmosphere and how it sustains life
I will be able to answer the following questions:
•Compare and contrast Earth’s atmosphere to that of Venus and
Mars. You may draw pictures to describe the difference, create a
Venn diagram, draw a chart, or just write a description.
•Explain how Earth’s atmosphere functions to keep us alive.
•Predict what would happen to an astronaut if he were to take off
his mask on the three different planets(Earth, Venus, and Mars)
What is an atmosphere?
The mixture of gases surrounding the Earth or other celestial
body, held in place by gravity
What does it mean by mixture?
Different types of gases blended together. For example, oxygen,
nitrogen, carbon dioxide, water vapor, etc.
Mixture can be separated.
For example, trail mix is a mixture. You can separate the raisins
from the almonds and M&M’s
How do you separate a mixture of air? It’s gases mixed together.
Through a process called fractional distillation, the gases are
cooled and compressed and expanded to liquefy them. Elements
and compounds have different temperatures that they liquefy.
It’s All About the Percentages
Place the correct pie chart with the correct planet.
Hint: Think about what gas should be present or absent to make
a planet too hot, too cold, and just right
Venus (too hot)
•2nd planet from the sun
Similar atmosphere
composition to Mars
•96.5% CO2
•3.5% N2
•trace O2
Very dense atmosphere
•CO2 concentration causes hot
temperature and very hot
greenhouse effect
•Too hot to sustain life
•Very high pressure
Image found at:
Greenhouse Effect
•Trapping of the sun’s
radiation by the combination
of gases found in the
atmosphere, which causes a
planet to warm
•CO2 concentration usually
behind the trapping of
infrared radiation
•Other gases include water
vapor, methane, and CFC’s
Mars (too cold)
•4th planet from the sun
Very thin atmosphere
•95% CO2
•2.7% N2
•0.13% O2
Due to thin atmosphere CO2
concentration has no effect on
warming the planet, very low
surface temperature
•Too cold to sustain life
•Very low pressure
Image found at:
Earth (just right)
•Just the right amount of
greenhouse gases (CO2, water
vapor, methane) to warm the
planet to sustain life
Composition of atmosphere
•78% N2
•21% O2
•0.9% Ar
•Trace amount of greenhouse
Life on Earth helps sustain our
atmosphere through the
cycling of oxygen via
•Without life Earth would
either be like Mars or Venus
•Pressure in between Mars and
Image found at:
Wrapping it Up
•At the bottom of your notes
answer the three questions
that were asked at the
beginning of the period with
the correct answer in
complete sentences
•In the left margin of your
paper come up with three
questions to ask about the
notes you just taken
For example, Compare
and contrast the atmosphere
of Venus and Mars
Worksheet found at:
Complete the reading dealing
with the composition of the
Earth’s atmosphere and
complete the worksheet
comparing cakes and the
atmospheric gases
Document found at:
Quick Write
For the next two
minutes, write as
many facts that you
recall from yesterday.
Be sure write the
entire two minutes
Today’s Purpose
I will be able to understand how the chemical composition of the
atmosphere allows for life on Earth
Tasks for today
1. Bellringer dealing with quick write of what you remember
from previous day
2. Complete notes dealing with chemical composition of Earth’s
3. Whiteboard review-you will be working with group to recall
definitions, answer questions about atmosphere chemical
Image found at :
Oxygen Concentration
•Too much—more than 40% is toxic to humans begins to destroy
cell structure and function
•Too little— less than 16.5% humans blackout
•Just write—21% human body functions properly
Whiteboard Review
Define the terms (picture, definition, context clue sentence)
a. Atmosphere
b. Chemical composition
c. Mixture
d. Greenhouse Effect
2. Compare and Contrast
a. Earth’s atmosphere vs. Venus’
b. Earth’s atmosphere vs. Mars’
3. Explain why Earth’s atmosphere allows life on Earth
4. Explain what needs to happen to Venus’ atmosphere for it to be
suitable for life
5. Explain what needs to happen to Mars’ atmosphere for it be
suitable for life
Ticket Out
Write 3 test questions and the answer for each dealing with
Earth’s atmospheric composition.
Glad to Have You!!! Please fill out
the check off sheet
Find a news article about the atmosphere. Complete the graphic
organizer about what you read.
Goldilocks and the
Three Bears
Welcome Back! Discuss with
your partner the article that you
read from the previous night.
Write 3 facts from each article
7.E.1.1 Compare the composition, properties and structure of Earth’s atmosphere to include mixtures of
gases and differences in temperature and pressure within layers.
Goldilocks Principle
Goldilocks' Principle
Atmosphere Display
Colors for GHGs
Create a title
Place the appropriate amount of
cotton balls in each bag
Label the bag with the planet it
Create a pie chart that represents
the correct amounts of gases
Answer the questions at the end
Complete the presentation
Nitrogen= red
Oxygen= green
Carbon dioxide = yellow
Methane =white
Complete 2 on the clock homework questions dealing with the
Glad to Have You!!! Please fill out
the check off sheet
Human Survival
Think about the composition of
the Earth’s atmosphere. Fill in the
handout with the role that the
atmosphere plays for the various
human life necessities
Today’s Purpose
I will be observing the effect of the amount of atmospheric gases
on life on earth
I will be completing a module that simulates what happens when
the various gas levels change
Questions to answer by the end
List the atmospheric conditions necessary for life on Earth.
Explain the importance of each.
Predict what happens to the Earth if each condition was not
Atmosphere’s Role for Life
Human Needs
Gives us energy so that we can
move, grow, and function. It also
gives us nutrients to build and
mend bones, teeth, nails, skin,
hair, flesh, and organs.
Helps us to obtain energy from
Allows nutrients to circulate
through the body.
Helps to regulate body
temperature. The cells that
make up our bodies are made
mainly of water.
Allows us to maintain an average
body temperature of
98.6°F/37°C and to maintain
water in a liquid state at all
To prevent cancer, disease and
damage to the body.
Moderate temperature
(Average global
temperature above 0°C
and below 50°C)
Protection from
poisonous gases and
high levels of radiation
Allows our biological systems to
develop and function normally.
Holds the atmosphere to the
Earth so it doesn’t escape into
What factors of the atmosphere
provide this?
Astro-Venture Tasks
First , you are going to complete a Training Module
You are going to be changing the amount of gases
You are going to write detailed observation s about what
ex. When the _____ was lowered first, the fish died.
Then the grass and trees died. And finally all the animals
died. The temperature dropped. Lowering ____made life on
Earth cease and lowered the temperature.
Your second module is a Challenger module. You may need
to refer to your notes for assistance for completion.
Teach your parent/guardian/sibling about what you have learned
this week. You must teach them for 15 minutes. After you have
taught them for 15 minutes, they must write a summary about
what they learned, how well you taught them, and how you can
improve teaching them. Parent must sign and date it.

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