Ancient Rome -

Ancient Rome
Hist 121: Western Civilization I
Clayton Miles Lehmann
The Sarcophagus of the Spouses, Cerveteri, Banditaccia necropolis. Ca 520-510 BCE.
Cerveteri, Tomb of the Reliefs, Banditaccia
Necropolis. Fourth Century BCE. (RASNA,
VAISD). Model Liver. Piacenza, Museo
Model of an Etruscan Temple, based on
Roman Patrician with Busts of His Ancestors. Ca 30 BCE
Rome Capitoline Museum
Portrait Busts: Marius (Vatican
Museum), Sulla (Vatican Museum),
Pompey (Museo della Civiltà),
Cicero (Vatican Museum), and
Caesar (Vatican Museum)
Augustus of Prima Porta. 20s
CE. Vatican Museum.
Nero and Claudius (silver tetradachmas)
Tiberius (British Museum)
Ara Pacis Augusti, Rome. 9 BCE. Detail of
Imperial Family.
Arch of Titus, Rome. 80s CE Detail of
Spoils from Temple of Jerusalem.
Masada. Aerial View. (UNESCO)
Arch of Constantine. Ca 315.
Constantine the Great. Colossal Statue. Ca 320. Rome, Museo Conservatori. (G W Metz)
Christen Schjellerup Købke, The Forum, Pompeii, with Vesuvius in the Distance. 1841. Los
Angeles, Getty Museum
Pompeii, Via dell'Abondanza
with Thermopolium (Kathryn
Roman Atrium Domus. Typical plan and section. (VRoma)
Pompeii. House of the Tragic Poet. Atrium towards ala. (Leo C. Curran)
Ostia. Warehouse (horrea). (VRoma)
Amphorae from a Shipwreck. First century BCE. Musée Archéologique de St. Raphaël
Via Appia
Pont du Gard.
19 BCE.
Hadrian’s Wall. (Athena Review Image Archive)
Nîmes, Maison Carée. 16 BCE. (Athena Review Image Archive)
Rome, Colosseum. 70s CE. (Athena Review Image Archive)
Kenchreai, Temple of Isis
Restored view of Temple of Isis,
Pompeii (
Rome, Pantheon. Ca 120. (Maecenas)
Rome, Pantheon. Ca 120. (Maecenas)
Istanbul, Haghia Sophia. 325-360. (HiTiT)

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