Constant Flow Bubbler Training

Sutron CFB
Accubar Constant Flow Bubbler)
Part Numbers
56-0133-25 Single Orifice
56-0134-25 Dual Orifice
Constant Flow Bubbler
-Self-Contained Bubble Gauge with built-in Logger
-Log Capacity 300000 readings
-SDI-12 Sensor
-Easily Adjustable Bubble Rate
-User Selectable Purge Scheduling
-Auto-Purge on Blockage Detection
CFB Specifications
• Accuracy
– 0-20ft +/- 0.01 ft. 20.0 - 57.5ft. 0.05% reading
• Desiccant Life -Approximately 1 year depending on humidity
at station and bubble rate and purge rate
• Average Power
- <8.3mA @ 12V for 3 sec measurement 15 min. interval, no purge
• Quiescent Current <1mA
• Pump On Current
- 4Amp max, 2.5Amp typical
• Pressure Range
- 0 – 25 psi (0 -57.5ft or 17.5m of water)
More Specs
• Outputs
-SDI-12, RS232, RS485
• Bubble Rate
• Purge Pressure
-User Settable - 50psi Max (Default)
• Enclosure
-Nema 4 Fiberglass 12” x 15” x 7.5”
CFB Pneumatic System
Single Orifice Sensor
CFB Dual Orifice Option
Dual Orifice Bubbler
2 Holding Tanks
2 Accubar Sensors / Can also use 1 Accubar
2 Outputs
Desiccant Mounts on Outside of the
• 1 Pump
Dual Orifice Bubbler
• Dual Pressure Measurements
– Measure Inflow and Outflow
• Density Measurement
– Measure Water Density
• 2 Outputs - Orifice Tube Connections
• Desiccant Mounts Outside of the Enclosure
The CFB’s Default Setting Will Operate The System
Properly For Most Users - Very Little Change To the Initial
Setup Is Required.
-Default Bubble Rate is 90 Bubbles per Min.
-Default Measurement Interval is 15 Minutes
-Default 10 Second Averaged Measurement
-Default Measurement Units is Feet of Water
-Default Purge Pressure 50PSI
Setup -Continued
3 Ways to View and Modify the CFB’s Default Setting.
-Front Panel Key Pad and 2-Line Display
-SDI-12 Commands
-Command Line Interface Using Hyperterm or Procomm or
Other Terminal Interface Software
Setup -Continued
There is a Visual Printout of the Menu Tree on the Inside of the
Enclosure Door.
Setup -Continued
-Command Line Interface
-Make Serial Connection to CFB using Hyperterm
-Baud Rate 115200, No Parity, 8 Data Bits, 1 Stop Bit
Type “Help” at the command line prompt to see a list of commands
including Measure, Log, Leak Test, Purge, Setup, Status…
For some commands type Help in front of the command to get
more information. Such as Help Setup, or Help Log to view or
download setup information or logged data.
Setup -Continued
-SDI-12 Commands
-View and modify the CFB’s default setting via SDI-12
commands, using your data logger’s SDI-12 Interface
-Setting the Stage Level with SDI-12 Command
0XS+10.00+1! – This command sets the water level reading
to 10.00 feet of water
-Changing measurement units
0XUP+4+3! – This command sets the units of water level
measurement to Meters of Water (4) with 3 Right Digits
See CFB Manual For a Complete List of SDI-12 Commands.
Purging the Orifice Tube
• 2 Setup Options for Purging
– Auto Purge – Schedule an Orifice Line Purge at
Regular Scheduled Interval
– AutoBlockage Detection
• If Auto Blockage Detection is Enabled the CFB Will Save Battery Life and Desiccant
Life By Purging Only When a Blockage of the Orifice Line is Detected.
Bubbler Line Termination

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