The Eight Emotions Cycle

The Emotional Cycle
By Henry Chu
Speaker Master
• The Emotional cycle is the extension of the
Wealth Cycle and it’s the changes of an
individual’s emotions (as related to I-Ching)
• This is related to the concepts of the Three Debts:
Material, Emotional and Divine
• Like the Wealth cycle, there are eight elements
(or states) and they are: happiness, fear, anger,
hatred, despair, sadness, sympathy and Love
• A person may get stuck in a state and take life
times to move on
Elements of Emotional Cycle
• Happiness—
– This is the top of the cycle
– This is the state of constant joy and happiness
– The person is surrounded by happy relationships
and everybody shares their happy energy with no
– This is the most desirable state and “the pursue of
happiness” is the goal of all living beings
Elements of Emotional Cycle
• Fear—
– This is the state of anxiety, nervousness and doubt
– This is the realization that happiness (or anything
else that was gained) does not last forever and will
soon be lost
– The person goes into a state of panic and the
energy begins to retract in order to hold on and
not letting go
– This is the beginning of the down cycle
Elements of Emotional Cycle
• Anger—
– This is the state of realizing the possible negative
outcome and the reaction to the possibility, which
is refusal and denial
– Bursts of energy are released during this state
(and the person begins to be drained)
– Anger is often used to rectify the situation if the
situation is salvageable
– However, not all situations are salvageable so this
can develop into constant anger
Elements of Emotional Cycle
• Hatred—
– This is the state of realization that the negative
situation is inevitable and the violent
disagreement to that outcome
– Hatred is a constant drain to the energy of the
person (downward spiral whirlpool) and will
ultimately consume everything
– Hatred is one of the most difficult emotions to
detach from and it’s the source of Demon Path
Elements of Emotional Cycle
• Despair—
– This is the state of hopelessness and it is the final
acceptance of the negative outcome
– This is a state of the lacking of all energy and the
person no longer has any mental or physical
power to fight
– This is also the bottom of the cycle, which means
this is the same state as “Poverty” in the Wealth
Cycle (and it’s going up from here)
Elements of Emotional Cycle
• Sadness—
– This is the state of healing
– In this state, the person already accepted the loss
and is now focused on recovering from the loss
– In the sad or depressive state, energy begins to
gather within the person (which is why the person
may eat or sleep a lot)
– These activities are helping with the healing
process and the person is on the road to recovery
Elements of Emotional Cycle
• Sympathy—
– This is the state of compassion
– The person is still recovering from the emotional
wound but the recovery process makes the person
sympathetic to other people’s suffering
– The energy of the person is expanding to other
people and the helping others became the focus
of the person
– The person’s energy expands beyond the self
Elements of Emotional Cycle
• Love—
– This is the state of the Union
– In this state, a person merges spiritually with
another person and the two become one
– This is subsequent to the expansion of energy,
which resulted in the strong connection and the
ultimate union
– This is the road leading to happiness
Elements of Emotional Cycle
• Happiness (thus begins a new cycle)
– Once again, we are back to where we started
– When two people fell in love and created an
union, then happiness is achieved
– In the happiness state, abundance of energy is
share amongst people and everyone feels the
constant joy and bless
– Never the less, soon this too will go away and Fear
will begin the new cycle
Lessons to be Learned
• Doctrine of the Mean Chapter One stated:
“Before the bursting of Joy, anger, sorrow, and
happiness, that is the Center. After the bursting,
but with proper extinction, that is Harmony.”
• Center and Harmony is the way of Tao
• This means not getting caught up in the
Emotional Cycle and restore to the Center
immediately after the burst (which is proper
extinction or “Harmony”)
• Emotional cycle (just like Wealth Cycle) is a
miniature version of I-Ching (I-Ching has 64
states and the Emotional Cycle has 8 states)
• The insights of the Emotional Cycle can
further help us understand where we are in
our cultivations
• Confucius taught us to practice Center and
Harmony as we practice the Tao

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