Silver Diamine Fluoride

Silver Diamine Fluoride
Presented by
Diana Pham, Dental Hygiene Student
Kimberly Truong, Dental Hygiene
Lamar Institute of Technology
Dental Hygiene Program
Silver Diamine Fluoride
“The Silver Bullet”
 Importance to the Hygienist
 2 components: Silver and Fluoride
 Application: brush on, or dab with cotton swab
 Cost?
Development of Silver Diamine
 Origin: 1960’s in Japan
 Central Pharmaceutical Council of the Ministry of
Health and Welfare
Main Purpose of SDF
* To arrest and slow
the rate of caries progression
Mode of Action of SDF
 Inhibits demineralization of tooth enamel
 Promotes remineralization of tooth mineral,
hydroxyapatite (HA)
 As a result, successfully fights caries
Silver Diamine Fluoride Application
Black staining
Components of Silver and
 Inexpensive
 Easy to apply
 Non-invasive
 Requires minimal training
 Slows and halts disease progression
Clinical Studies
 Sodium Fluoride vs. Silver Diamine Fluoride
 Studies show SDF is more effective at arresting caries
while just as effective in preventing dental decay
Typical Findings
Future of ‘The Silver Bullet’
FDA Approved in the U.S.
More common in private practice
Long-term study and experiments
Access to disadvantaged populations
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