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Our masters program
● Masters of fine arts, Art
College of Oss
● Students from Estonia, Greece, India,
Japan, China and Netherlands
Why fine arts?
● Oss has many art museums and theatres
● Oss is a historic city
● Oss has a high school (vmbo) specializing in
About our activity
● Getting to know the city by visiting
interesting art and heritage locations
● Encourages intercultural interactions
● Requires teamwork to complete
● Promotes creativity and understanding of
team members cultures
● Different locations have different types of
● Total of 11 challenges
● Some challenges require knowledge of the
art of participants home countries
Locations we chose
4 art museums
1 theatre
3 statues
1 landmark
● Each team
Challenge sheet and a map
● Challenges can be completed by visiting
locations listed on the map
● Info gathered during the challenge needs to
be compiled to a presentation at the end
art museum Jan Cunen
“Nummer 15” by Margriet Baart
Gallery K26
Map of Oss with the locations we chose
Our team - Oss 3
Aleksander Parelo
Sotiris Sakkas
Huiying Chu
Rodolfo Solera
Zhonglong Ren
Nasa Yoshioka
Mohit Pundir
Samprajani Rout
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