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The KEY to Expanding Your
Network: Professional Associations
Brittany Chu
USC Career Center
Why Are You Here Today?
• What programs are people in?
• Why I chose this topic
• Define: Professional associations
• What do YOU get out of joining them?
• Define: Networking
Already Part of a
Learning Outcomes
• By the end of this presentation you will
• Explored various professional
associations online
• Thoughtfully considered the
organizations you would like to join
• Looked into potential conferences
you can attend
• Learned how to network effectively
• Practiced exchanging business cards
• Learned how to maintain contacts
after events
1. Research Professional Associations
Mission statement
Quality check:
• Research (ie: journal articles published regularly)
• Current Events
• Current Members
• Membership Fees + Subscriptions + Benefits
• Future Goals
Navigating the Career Center Website
Investigate Their Impact on the Field
• Walk through various websites:
• IEEE (Electrical Engineering)
• (Public Relations)
• (Fashion Group International)
• (Higher Education & Student Affairs)
• Gwen Dungy tribute:
• 2011 Annual Conference in Philadelphia, PA:
• What industry are YOU interested in?
2. Join Professional Associations
• The ones that resonate with you the most!
• After becoming a member, sign up for:
• Updates
• Blogs
• Newsletters
• Membership Benefits
• Keep current & up-to-date on the latest trends and
movements in field! This will keep you ahead of
the curve!
3. Seek Out Professional
Development Activities
Local, regional, & national conferences
Round-table discussions
4. Network With Professionals
That are in your field of interest
Laterally (ACROSS with peers/colleagues)
Vertically (UP with senior level practitioners)
Vista Print: Print 250 FREE business cards!
Create a LinkedIN account!
*NASPA Placement Exchange in Arizona 2012
*Social Media Revolution:
5. Exchange Business Cards (Activity)
• Prepare what you would like to say
• Remain calm, cool, and collected heading in- SMILE!
• Shake their hand and introduce yourself
• Find commonalities and similar points of interest
• Remember to stay confident, relaxed, & comfortable
• Write down context of conversation on back of each card
• E-mail employers immediately when it’s fresh in your mind
6. Maintain Contacts After Events
• Keep in touch with those met at professional
development events through E-mail
• Stay in constant communication; Check-in
• Great for future references!
• Referrals, Letters of Recommendation
• Resource: Connect you to others in their field
My Personal Journey
UC San Diego: Undergrad
Visited Career Center Soph Yr
Counsel from Career Advisor changed my life!
NASPA, CISAC, & SLI in Seattle, Washington
Applied to Graduate School for Masters Programs
USC 2ND Year of Grad school: M.Ed PASA Program
Philly, PA. Graduate Intern here- Full circle!
Concluding Remarks
You are now equipped with the resources to:
• Network comfortably & confidently!
• Join professional associations that speak to you
• Tap into your strengths & talents
• You now have the SECRET to establishing,
maintaining, strengthening, and expanding your
network! So go out and do it! And share what
you’ve learned today with others!
Any Questions?

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