Home Care Packages (CDC) Program

Manager :
Raymond King
Project Worker: Mifa lay
ISIS Primary Care
Aged and Disability Service
Home Care Packages (CDC) Program
ISIS Primary Care
 ISIS Primary Care is a not for profit community health
organisation, predominantly funded by the Department
of Human Services.
 ISIS Primary Care is the result of an amalgamation of
Brimbank, Westgate and Wyndham community health
services, and is the largest provider of community health
service in the Western Metropolitan Region of
ISIS Aged and Disability Services
Packages available include;
 Home Care Packages (CDC) 52
 Linkages Packages 260
Home Care Packages (CDC)
 ISIS Aged and Disability Services have a CDC Team, who
work only with CDC Consumers
• This team consist of 2 workers and 1 Project Worker
 A range of electronic tools have been created to manage
• CDC Calculator-Financial exploration and service delivery tool
completed by workers with consumers prior to signing. The tool
produces a HCP Agreement and Budget Report.
• Care Plan System-Care Plan tool completed with consumers.
Also used to measure consumer satisfaction over period of time.
• Finance System-finance management tool used to monitor all
individual incoming payments, deduct ISIS Fees, accumulate
Contingency funds etc.
The CDC Calculator
Why it was built?
 The rules say that every dollar must be explained to and
agreed to by the Consumer.
 Our Case Manager are not accountants
 A consistent process was required.
 We wanted to give the CDC Workers the opportunity to
fulfill all signup tasks in the client’s home.
The CDC Tools

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