American Indian Center, UNC Chapel Hill

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Forging Strong University
and American Indian
Rachel Ensing, Admissions Counselor, NC State University
Dana Troutman, Assistant Director of Admissions, NC State University
Amy Locklear Hertel, Director, American Indian Center, UNC Chapel Hill
Randi Byrd, Community Engagement Coordinator, American Indian
Center, UNC Chapel Hill
Creating American Indian
American Indian Advisory Council
Established in 2011
Monthly Meetings
Tribal/Community Meetings
Role of Assistant Director of Native American Student Affairs
• Former Provost Committee on Native
American Affairs
• Internal Advisory Board
• External Advisory Board
• American Indian Caucus (AI Caucus)
• Carolina Native Alumni Club (CNAC)
Outreach to Tribal Communities
The mission of the American Indian Center is
to bridge the richness of American Indian
cultures with the strengths of Carolina’s
research, education and service.
Respect, Responsibility, Reciprocity, Balance
Community Engagement
Student Engagement
• Ambassadors Program
• Native Pathways to
Professional Disciplines
• American Indian
Campus Engagement
• Welcome
• NDN 101
• CIC Powwow
• American Indian
Heritage Month
Engaged Scholarship
• Elder in Residence
• Michael D. Green Lecture
• Carolina Seminar in AIIS
• Relationship Building
• Attendance & participation at conferences
• Unity, NCNAYO, AISES Regional, NASAI
• Contributing to programs financially (hosting a
booth, buying an ad for program)
• Presenting a session
• Attending conference
• Supporting tribal events
Relationship Building & Supporting Tribal Events
Intentional Recruitment
Targeted Recruitment Programs
• Wolfpack Pathways visitation program
• Sappony Summer Camp
• American Indian Recruitment (AIR) visitation
• Cherokee Summer Visit
Intentional Recruitment
• Continued visits with consistent contact person(s)
• Use current students
to assist with
recruitment events
Relationships and Trust
• Understand the importance of “gatekeepers”
and community vetting processes
• Leverage existing relationships
• Tribal and Native community leaders, AIIS,
AI Caucus, students, alumni (CNAC), Title VII
Indian Education Coordinators
Ongoing Engagement
• Offer Native Nations tours of campus
• Recognize engagement as recruitment
• Consider the Sacred Hoop Model (calling,
welcoming, processing and releasing)
• Partner with others on campus
• UNC Office of Diversity & Multicultural
Affairs - American Indian Recruitment Day,
American Indian Decision Day
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