Surf Action cic - Mounts Bay Academy

Surf Action Objective
 To promote and protect the physical and psychological
wellbeing of serving and former serving members of the
armed forces of the crown and their families, and the
civilian emergency services.
Surf Action Objectives
a) introducing them to surfing;
b) involving them in peer group activities;
c) providing access to support, guidance, signposting
and education;
d) providing access to information and peer support
relationships for their families;
e) engaging them in a project to build or restore, equip,
staff and maintain a recovery centre..
Surf Action is a means to feeling
positive, healthy and empowered.
We use the coastal environment as a
place to escape daily barriers. HOW?
We focus on the social, physical and
psychological well being.
Surf Action aim to provide the right
tools for each individual.
Surf Action identify the valuable
skills suitable for civilian life.
Our veterans drop-in centre open 5 days a
A future that many may think is beyond
them is only one wave away.
Anything is possible.
Whatever your age, ability or state
of mind.
The toughest characters can
overcome doubt about the future.
Surf Action encourage, support and
guide. We are more than just surfing?
There are people out there that need help. What
can you do? Ask a simple question?
WE also put smiles on faces
More than just Surfing…
Surf Action, Unit 11, Long Rock Industrial Estate, Long Rock, Penzance, TR20 8HX
Registered Charity No: 1140191

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