Getting Into E-commerce and Starting a New Online

Chapter 16
Launching A Successful
Online Business and EC Projects
Learning Objectives
1. Understand the fundamental requirements for
initiating an online business.
2. Describe the process of initiating and funding a
startup e-business or large e-project.
3. Understand the process of adding EC initiatives to
an existing business.
4. Describe the issues and methods of transforming
an organization into an e-business.
5. Describe the process of acquiring websites and
evaluate building versus hosting options.
Learning Objectives
6. Understand the importance of providing and managing
content and describe how to accomplish this.
7. Evaluate websites on design criteria such as
appearance, navigation, consistency, and
8. Understand how search engine optimization may help
a website obtain high placement in search engines.
9. Understand how to provide some e-commerce support
10. Understand the process of building a webstore.
11. Know how to build a webstore with templates.
Getting Into E-commerce and
Starting a New Online Business
• Getting into E-Commerce
• Starting a New Online Business
• An E-Startup Is a Startup
o *Business model
Getting Into E-commerce and
Starting a New Online Business
• Creating a New Company or Adding an Online
o Identify a consumer or business need in the
o Investigate the opportunity
o Determine the business owner’s ability to meet
the need
o Some Tips for Success
o Cloning
Getting Into E-commerce and
Starting a New Online Business
• Planning Online Businesses
o *Business Plan
o The *Business Case
• Funding a New Online Business
o First Round of Initial Funding: *Angel Investors and
o *Crowdfunding
o Second Round Financing: *Venture Capital
o Additional Funding: A Large Partner
o The Initial Public Offer (IPO)
The Cost-Benefit Elements of a Business Case
Adding E-Commerce Initiatives
Or Transforming to an E-Business
• Adding EC Initiatives to an Existing Business
o What Is Organizational Transformation?
o How an Organization Can Be Transformed into an
o Software Tools for Facilitating the Transformation
to E-Business
o Change Management
Building or
Acquiring a Website
• Classification of Websites
*Informational website
*Interactive website
*Transactional website
*Collaborative website
*Social-oriented website
Building or
Acquiring a Website
• Building a Website
o Steps in Building a Website
Select a Web host
Register a domain name
Create and manage content
Design the website
Construct the website and test
Market and promote the website
The Process of
Building a Website
Website Hosting and
Obtaining a Domain Name
• Web Hosting Options
o *Storebuilder Service
o A Dedicated Hosting Service
• *Web hosting service
o *Self-Hosting
o Free Web Hosting Services
• Selecting and Registering a Domain Name
o *Domain name
o The Essentials of Domain Names
Web Content Creation
and Management
• *Web content
• Categories and Types of Content
o *Dynamic Web content
o Primary and Secondary Content
Web Content Creation
and Management
• Content Management and Maintenance
o *Content management
o Content Management Software (System)
• Catalog Content and Its Management
Website Design
• Information Architecture for a Website
o *Information architecture
• *Site Navigation
o Site Map and Navigation
• Performance (Speed)
• Colors and Graphics
A Simple Hierarchical
Website Structure
A Typical Navigation Bar
Web Page Layout Grid
Website Design
• Website Usability
o *Usability
o Usability Is a Combination of Factors
Intuitive design
Ease of learning
Efficiency of use
Error frequency and severity
Subjective satisfaction
• Software for Helping Web Designers
o What Annoys EC Customers?
Providing E-Commerce
Support Services
• Who Builds the Website?
• Payments: Accepting Credit Cards
• Website Promotion
o Internal Website Promotion
o Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
• An Example: How Does Baidu Succeed?
Opening a Webstore
• Options for Acquiring Webstores
o Build them from scratch
o Build them from components
o Build with templates (storebuilders and dedicated
Web hosting)
o Identifying Requirements and Selecting a
Development Option
Sales service
Transaction processing
Marketing data and analysis
Opening a Webstore
• Yahoo! Small Business
o Take a Tour and See the Videos
o Using the Templates
Managerial Issues
1. What does it take to create a successful online
2. Is creating a website a technical task or a
management task?
3. How do we attract visitors to the website?
4. How do we turn visitors into buyers?
5. Are best practices useful?
6. What should my new business give to the funders?
7. What are important factors for successful website
1. Fundamental requirements for initiating an
online business.
2. Funding options for a startup online
3. Adding e-initiatives.
4. Transformation to e-business.
5. Website hosting options for an online
6. Provide content that attracts and keeps
website visitors.
7. Design a visitor-friendly site.
8. Search engines optimization is a critical
success factor.
9. Provision of support services.
10.The process of building a webstore.
11.Using templates to build a webstore.

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