Newton`s 3 Laws

Newton’s 3 Laws
Law 1
An object in motion stays in motion unless a
force acts on it.
An object at rest stays at rest unless a force
acts on it.
Law 1 Example
It was moving day at the Burton house. Little Susie Burton couldn’t lift her box
of toys so she was dragging them down the stairs. They got away from her
and tumbled to the bottom where they crashed on the floor.
This shows law 1 because the box started falling down the stairs because
of the force of gravity, not by itself. It did not stop until it hit the bottom and
the floor stopped it.
Law 2
The more mass an object has the harder it is
to start it moving or change its direction.
Once it is moving it is harder to stop it, the
more mass it has.
Law 2 Example
The Burtons had a
pool table. Little
Billy Burton tried to
move it but he
This is Law 2
because it took more
force to move the
pool table because it
was heavy and they
had a hard time
stopping because it
was heavy.
Grandma, Grandpa, Mom,
Dad, Uncle Don, Uncle Bill,
and Aunt Donna all had to
help. They got it going, but
then ran into a wall
because once they got
going they could not stop!
Law 3
For every action there is an equal and
opposite reaction. (for every up there is a
down, for every push there is a pull, for
every forward there is a backward.)
Law 3
As the Burton family got ready to take off to their new home Mrs. Burton set
her soda can on the back bumper of the truck. She forgot it was there and
got in. Mr. Burton hit the gas and the truck hit the road. The forgotten soda
can flew off the back of the truck and landed on the street.
This is Law 3 because the truck
went forward and the can went
backward. They were equal and
opposite actions.

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