Habit #4 - Leo Hayes High School

Habit #4
Think Win-Win
“Pursue Victory with Honor”
Stand next to a partner.
 One of you needs to make a fist; as tight
a fist as you possibly can.
 On the count of three I want the other
partner to try and open the other person’s
Did any of you simply ask the other
person to open their fist?
 “When the environment feels competitive
we automatically play with a Win-Lose
mindset.” What does this mean?
Habit #4 - Think Win-Win
Think Win-Win is a habit that will help
your relationships
 You will be able to deal with issues,
problems, arguments, etc more effectively
and most importantly…keep both yourself
and the people around you happy!
“Win – Lose” – The Totem Pole
This Mindset:
I benefit/get what I want while others do not.
People with this attitude usually:
 Use other people, emotionally or physically,
for their own selfish purposes
 Try to get ahead at the expense of others
 Spread rumors about others
 Concentrate on getting their own way
without thinking about others’ feelings
 Become jealous and envious when
something good happens to someone else
“Lose – Win” – The Doormat
This Mindset:
I don’t benefit/get what I want, while others
People with this attitude usually:
 Set low expectations for themselves
 Have low self-esteem and never
consider themselves worthy or good
 Compromise their standards over and
over again
 Give in to peer pressure
 Allow themselves to be walked on with
the excuse of being the “peacemaker”
 Is there a time when a Lose-Win
attitude is fine?
“Lose – Lose” – The Downward Spiral
This Mindset:
I don’t benefit and neither does
anyone else.
People with this attitude usually:
 Seek
 Desire to win at all costs
 Are obsessed with
others in a negative
 Have codependent and
emotionally damaging
“Win – Win” – The All You Can Eat Buffet
This Mindset: I am satisfied/happy and
so are others.
People with this attitude usually:
Are happy when others succeed
Help others succeed
Think “Abundance”
Are willing to share recognition
with others
See life as an All-you-can-eat buffet
for everybody
Listen as a I read a story that
demonstrates Win-Win (6 Most
Important Decisions, top of page
Watch the video to see another
example of Win-Win in action:
When do we need to “Think Win-Win?”
When we are playing
sports, games, etc.
 When we need to work as
a group
 When we need to address
problems in our
 Really - we need win-win
for most of our human
Keys to a Win-Win Mindset
Develop a healthy definition of the word
COMPETITION; develop a balance
between wanting to win and doing it in
a healthy, positive way.
Realize that COMPARISONS to other
people are not healthy and a waste of
your time.
Group Activity
Get with your assigned group of four
 This is the BEST activity for demonstrating
the importance of working with others for
a common “win.”
 You need others in your group to succeed
in order to succeed yourself.
 The only way that your team can be
successful is if you all participate.
Each group has:
- 4 pencils, 4 pieces of string, a penny and
a “course.”
-The goal is for your group is use the
resources given to guide the penny
through the course (start to finish)
without touching the sides of the course.
-This is NOT a competition with any other
group in the room
The penny must stay within the lines of
the course at all times.
The penny can only be touched by the
pencil’s eraser.
Each person can only touch one of the
No one can EVER touch the pencil while
the penny is en route
The paper may not be moved or tilted at
any point while the penny is en route.

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