Daily Grammar
Monday, October 27, 2014
Write these sentences correctly.
1. Them are stories Marshall wrote by hisself bragged his
2. Mimi and her nefew spends the day at the boredwalk, wear
they went on a lot of rides.
Rewrite this phrase using a possessive noun.
3. the equipment belonging to the tennis team
Circle the direct object and underline the indirect object in
each sentence.
4. Hannah writes her friends around the world long, funny emails.
5. We contributed $500 to the End of Hunger Fund.
Tuesday, October 28, 2014
Write these sentences correctly.
1. All of them womens singed in the Mothers Day performince.
2. in the distance dozens of sheeps moved across the field like
fluffy clowds.
Is the underlined text a complete sentence or a fragment?
3. With a frightened look on his face. The man ran out of the
If the guide words on a dictionary page are thicken and this,
which word will NOT be on the page?
4. thin
Underline the independent clause in this sentence.
5. While dad popped the popcorn, I poured the juice.
Wednesday, October 29, 2014
Write these sentences correctly.
1. ms jackson the woman who work with my mom are studying to be a
2. dont forgot to send me you're new e-mail address Charlie said.
Underline the prepositional phrase in this sentence.
3. The cat, sitting in the sunny window, watched the birds.
Write the base word of this word.
4. explosion
Circle the antecedent of the underlined pronoun.
5. She looked carefully under the table and around its legs.
Thursday October 30, 2014
Write these sentences correctly.
1. My brothers name is Thomas Robert but everybody call him tr for
2. Even though shes had too years of piano lessons Nan still don't play
to good.
Underline the subordinate clause in this sentence.
3. Whoever leaves last, please turn out the lights.
Circle the subject of this sentence.
4. Go and see if there are any ice pops in the freezer.
Circle the coordinating conjunctions in this sentence.
5. We went to the store and got milk so we wouldn't run out.
Friday, October 31, 2014
Write whether each sentence is simple, compound, or
1. They Olympic Games are held every two years.
2. Claire mowed the grass, and I watered the flowers.
3. Since he has five sisters, Hyun Ki is used to noise!
4. Dave and Jessica ride their bikes almost everywhere.
5. When we went to the zoo, we saw the pandas.

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