Supporting Better Futures for People at risk of homelessness

Supporting Better Futures for People
at risk of homelessness
Housing Support Duty &
Monitoring Prevention of Homelessness
3rd September 2014
Alan Brand – Housing Options Team Leader
Karen Perratt- Housing Support Co-ordinator
The Housing Support Duty
A duty on local authorities to conduct a housing support
assessment for applicants who are unintentionally homeless or
threatened with homelessness and that they have ‘reason to
believe’ need the housing support services prescribed in
Prescribed Services
(a) advising or assisting a person with personal budgeting, debt
counselling or in dealing with welfare benefit claims;
(b) assisting a person to engage with individuals, professionals
or other bodies with an interest in that person's welfare;
(c) advising or assisting a person in understanding and
managing their tenancy rights and responsibilities, including
assisting a person in disputes about those rights and
responsibilities; and
(d) advising or assisting a person in settling into a new tenancy.
Renfrewshire Housing Advice and Homeless Services
Housing Advice
Prevention Team
Rent Deposit Guarantee Officer
Housing options Team Leader
Housing Support Team
Homeless – Housing Support
Youth Prevention Officer
Housing support Officers based in
Housing Options Officers
Mediation Officer
Prevention Officer – (Section 11)
RSL Liaison Officer
New Start Youth Case Worker
Homeless Addiction Liaison
Housing Liaison Officer (MAPPA)
Prevention Officers
2 Community Teams
Commissioned support from
external providers
Follow on Support to Supported
Assessment Tool and Services
Better Futures Assessment Matrix•Accommodation
•Safety and Security
•Social and Economic Wellbeing
•Employment and Meaningful Activity
Services Delivered• Housing Support
•Addiction Services
•Groupwork – Open Doors, A Home For Keeps – 18 – 25, 26+
• Employability
•Health- access to GP, Optician, Dentist, Chiropody
How and what we monitor
Record every assessment of support need via mailbox
Support provided
Support declined/refused
No support need
Admitted to supported accommodation
Better Futures Database
Housing support baseline assessments
Housing Support Reviews
Report on outcomes, service provided by need, duration
Work in progress
Discussions with HSEU to:
oIncrease reports available
oAdd fields to show tenure type
oStarting to record inappropriate referrals
oMeasure outcomes beyond support for sustainability (SHBVN)
Contact Details:
[email protected]
0141 618 5800
[email protected]
0141 618 5895

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