CCP General Introduction

Sophie Froment
VP of Human Resources
• CCP has been pioneering new frontiers in gaming since it was founded in
1997. Our games push the boundaries of entertainment, bringing people
together in experiences of a scope that can only be described with one
word: massive.
• Since 2003, the company has grown from a single studio in Iceland to 4
offices across 3 continents. We have consistently delivered an
unforgettable, immersive experience to our players. We believe in our
work and are part of a company that make no compromises.
• Our value of Unity, Transparency, fearlessness and excellence reflect our
work ethic and our commitment to what we do.
What is challenging?
Hard for foreigners to have admin (work permit, kennitala) done via phone, emails
they need to go to the different institutions to get problems solved
The immigration process for people coming outside of EU is really complex and
Preschool placement is only open March to May, really hard for families when they
arrived during the summer or fall – here again you have to do everything in person
and everything is in Icelandic so it is almost impossible for foreigners to it
Housing rental market is really difficult for families, very few offers
Currency export control is really causing issues , foreigners do not understand why
they can’t do what they want with their earned money (and even more if they still
have liabilities in other countries)
Very social network culture, hard to meet people outside of work, hard to find
baby sitters
What works very well
• For EU people, the immigration process is quite simple
• Opening a bank account is very easy
• Health care system is fantastic
• People are very friendly and helpful
• Beautiful country
• Encourage the development of relocation agencies
• Have one centralized website with all info available at least in
English and possibly in other languages
• Support spouses to find jobs
• Create an association for foreigners, where they could meet
and exchange experience, ideas…

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