College Credit Plus (CCP)

College Credit Plus (CCP)
College Credit Plus (CCP)
program begins in the 2015/16
school year.
replaces Ohio’s Post-Secondary
Enrollment Options program (PSEO) and
all alternative dual enrollment programs
previously governed by Ohio Revised
Code Chapter 3365
College Credit Plus (CCP)
 Secondary
(high school) and college
Requires college enrollment during high
College credit is transcripted upon student’s
successful completion of the course.
CCP Courses Must…
 Be
the same as those offered on campus
(included in IHE course catalogue)
Be nonsectarian and non-remedial
Apply toward a degree or professional
taught by instructors who meet BOR’s
academic credential requirements
 Be
CCP Pathway Requirements
Each public high school must develop two pathway
opportunities through CCP.
○ One where a student can earn 15 transcripted
○ One where a student can earn 30 transcripted
Pathways must be developed in coordination with at
least one partnering IHE.
Pathways must be published as part of school
district’s official course offerings.
 Pathways – STEM, Arts & Communication, Business, Health
There is no cost for the student to
participate in College Credit Plus when
the student is enrolled in a public
college or university. The high school
and college or university share the cost
for the course.
Switzerland of Ohio
SOLSD is one of 27 Ohio school districts
that are part of the Ohio Appalachian
Collaborative Straight A Grant.
Switzerland of Ohio
During the 2014-15 school year SOLSD has
partnered with Ohio University Eastern to offer
college English and Political Science.
Students enrolled in these classes participate
through distance learning and remain in their own
high school.
Each students enrolled in the 2014-15 dual
enrollment courses will earn 12 college credit
hours at the end of this school year and will
receive high school credit for English and
Through the Straight A Grant
SOLSD has been able to:
purchase the technology necessary to offer
courses through distance learning
 create career connections for students in
grades 7-12 through Ohio Means Jobs
 provide professional development for teachers
and administrators
 create educational pathways for students in
four areas – STEM, Health, Business and Arts
& Communication
Through the Straight A Grant SOLSD
has been able to: (cont’d)
A key benefit to the OAC Straight A project is
partnering to coordinate the credentialing of
educators to earn the academic qualifications
needed to teach dual enrollment courses to
Four SOLSD teachers are in the process of
obtaining graduate level courses in order to be
credentialed to teach dual enrollment classes
and three teachers are already credentialed for
next school year.
Courses planned for 2015-16
English Compostition
English Literature
Human Biology
Color, Light and Sound
College Algebra
Pre Calculus
Western Civilization
In order to participate in CCP students must be
college ready. Students may use their ACT scores.
ACT Scores – OUE
Reading – 21 or higher
English – 18 or higher
Math – 20 or higher
Or by taking
Compass Test – Ohio University Eastern
Accuplacer – Belmont College
What is your next step ?
Check your ACT scores if you have taken the
test or sign up to take the
Talk to your guidance counselor
Pay attention to announcements at your
school to sign up for CCP. (deadline is March
1, 2015)

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