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DoI Procurement Overview
Improvements to Process
Cindy McDonald
Director Contracts and Program
Construction Industry Forum
30 May 2013
Tier 1 Process
• Conducted a review of the tier one
process to make it less cumbersome for
Industry and to enable a quicker
turnaround time.
Contractor Performance
Reports (CPR’s)
• Review of the current CPR system to allow for the
– Scoring change to 1-10 rather that the current 1-5.
– More prescriptive
– CPR’s to align to the assessment criteria and be more
specific rather than the generic format that is currently
being used.
• Internal mechanism put in place to ensure CPR’s are
carried out after the completion of the contract.
Assessment Criteria
• Ensuring that the assessment criteria
relates to the scope of work and RFT
requirements and not generic questions.
• Make sure there are no duplications to
questions or questions that can be
interpreted in a different way.
Assessment Criteria
• What is best value for money?
– It is not about selecting the successful
respondent based on price alone, although
price is one factor which is taken into
Assessment Criteria
• So what are we looking for when assessing tenders???
– Past Performance
– Local Development and Value Add (LDVA)
– Apprentices
– Timeliness
– Capacity
– Innovation
– Scope Specific
Tender Evaluation Team (TET)
• Implemented a team within the procurement unit
to be involved in all Tier 4-6 tender assessments
across all Regions.
• To conduct all debriefings from Tier 3 level.
• Assessments and awarding of contracts will be
carried out sooner.
• To be carried out by the TET at Tier 3 and
above level.
• Quicker timeframes to have them carried
• More consistency.
• More detail in the debriefing reports.
• Internal Complaints Policy that has been
set up to handle the complaints.
• Processes have been put in place to
ensure complaints are addressed,
reviewed and where identified updated to
be more effective in delivering our
• Improving the quality of documentation.
• Resource the procurement unit with a
technical officer to check documents
before they are issued out.
Proposed Changes
• Releasing the CAL category in quote and
tender documents.
• Removing the 50% bench mark.
• Releasing scores at debriefings.
Tender Boxes
Businesses that were not able to attend any of
the seminars provided are encouraged to
contact the Contracts and Procurement
Assistance Service at CAPS on (08) 8999 1937
or [email protected] Individual
assistance is available and if there is sufficient
demand it may be possible to hold additional
Procurement Contacts
• Cindy McDonald Director Contracts and
Program Management
0488 936 480
[email protected]

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