YWCA of Salem, Oregon - Avon Breast Health Outreach Program

YWCA Salem
Women’s Health Program
• Primary focus is breast cancer:
– Screening referrals – paid by YWCA Salem fundraising and
by Oregon Breast and Cervical Program
– Breast health and breast cancer screening education
– Treatment support
– Survivor support
• Oregon Breast & Cervical Cancer Program funding for cancer
– CDC funding - women 50-64 for biannual breast & cervical cancer
– OBCCP is funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention,
the Susan G. Komen for the Cure Oregon and SW Washington Affiliate,
and the American Cancer Society.
• If cancer is diagnosed the patient is enrolled in the Oregon Health Plan for
breast cancer treatment.
• Women 65 and over are usually covered by Medicare.
Breast Cancer Screening
• Funding gap in OBCCP screening for women under 50 with a
family history of breast cancer, or who don’t qualify for
other programs.
– Women 40-49 must have a breast symptom.
– Women under 40 must have a breast symptom documented by a
– Women 65+ and can’t afford Medicare supplemental can receive
their breast exam in a doctor’s office, but the charge will be refused
by Medicare unless the exam has occurred in a hospital. The low
income woman is then liable for the cost.
• Lack of funding for women who can’t afford to pay for health
insurance. OBCCP has
– 7000 slots for the year for all qualifying Oregon women.
– 500 emergency slots for the year – after all slots for a quarter are
used, an emergency slot may be requested.
Fundraiser for
Clinical Breast
Fills the
gap for
women in
Marion and
Breast Cancer Awareness Month
Kick Off Event
• Community Businesses and Medical Providers
– Sponsor the YWCA Salem Discover Pink Walk
• Funds
• Items (loaning tents and other set-up items, refreshments,
logo items for goodie bags)
• Individuals
– Registration
– Extra Donation by individuals and teams
• 100% of individual funds go directly to breast
cancer screening
Breast Cancer Awareness Month
Kick Off Event
• Second Saturday in October
• 2.6 – 3.7 mile walk - low-endurance focus
– women in treatment
– Wheelchairs
– Children and pets - family fun event
Band and refreshments
Survivors have a free gift
Also a few vendors
YWCA Discover Pink Walk
for breast cancer awareness
Waiting to Start
The YWCA Discover Pink Walk
Great Refreshments…
Great Band!
All ages enjoy the Discover Pink
Enthusiasm everywhere!
They Even Advertise!
And the reason for it all –
Breast Cancer Survivors!!!
YWCA Discover Pink Walk funds
work all year round
• Partner clinic and imaging services provide YWCA Salem
with reduced rates and free services for office visits and
• One of our partner imaging services is providing not only
mammogram and ultrasound vouchers at a reduced rate,
but is matching each purchased voucher with a free
voucher for the same service.
• Women who have abnormal mammograms are enrolled
in the Oregon Breast and Cervical Cancer Program so
they will be eligible for the Oregon Health Plan
(Medicaid) for treatment if they are diagnosed with
breast cancer.
And Everybody Wins!

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