My Pizza Box Solar Oven 2

By: Larissa M.
Key: Red letters = III (Important
Investigation Information)
The Oven and the
My hypothesis is that darker foods
cook faster than lighter foods. This
is because I know that black paper
absorbs more light than white, and
thus gets hotter. So let’s see if I’m
Notice two marshmallows are
white. Those are the controls. One
is brown. The brown one is covered
in cocoa powder. It’s the
experiment. Let’s see which
marshmallow cooks faster.
Touch Test
After about half an hour, the
control marshmallows felt hot and
squishy. The brown (experimental)
marshmallow felt almost like
liquid. Almost, but not quite. That’s
one piece of evidence that darker
foods cook quicker than lighter
foods. We need some more
The temperature is hovering around 150° F.
Gooey Marshmallow!
As you can see, the inside of this marshmallow is [properly] gooey.
Let’s see how it tastes…
The Brown Marshmallow
MMM! Yummy. This is the brown marshmallow. Note how much it
The White
This is the control marshmallow. It
doesn’t stretch as much as the
brown one. That’s the other piece of
evidence. Is it all in a jumble in
your head? It’ll all come together in
a minute.
I’ll lay it out plain and simple: I was right.
The first piece of evidence was that the brown
marshmallow felt more cooked than the white
marshmallows after having spent the same amount of
time in the solar oven in direct sunlight.
The second piece of evidence was that my taste test
found that along with the cocoa-covered marshmallow
tasting better, it was gooier, too.
Because the cocoa-covered marshmallow had darker
coloration, it absorbed more light and heat, allowing it
to cook faster than the white marshmallows in the
same amount of time, because the white marshmallows
reflect more light and heat than the cocoa-covered

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