Fun Flyers: Using Microsoft PowerPoint and Publisher

Fun Flyers:
Using Microsoft 2007
Rachael Davis
Miner Library Circulation Assistant
[email protected]
In today’s class:
Cool Tricks and Nifty Tools to create
almost any kind of fun document you
Ask questions and if I don’t know the
answer, we’ll figure it out together!
◦ GOOGLE is a great way to get questions
answered about any Microsoft Program
PowerPoint “Fun” Documents
 Single Page Flyers
 Announcements
 Many other possibilities!
 See board for examples
PowerPoint Ribbons Important in Making Fun Flyers
•Insert Ribbon
•Picture Tools-Format (Picture, Clip Art, Photo Album)
•only appears when this type of item is selected on screen
•Drawing Tools-Format (Shapes, Text Box, WordArt)
•only appears when this type of item is selected on screen
Insert-Picture/Photo Album:
• Click “Insert” Tab, then Click “Picture” Icon
•PowerPoint will open “Insert Pictures” Window so you can search picture
files on your computer:
•Double click on desired picture or search with File Name to Insert
Insert-Clip Art:
•Click “Insert” Tab, then Click on “Clip Art” Icon
•PowerPoint will open Clip Art Window to right of screen
•Search for image in “Search for:” box
•Double click on desired image to insert
After inserting an object from Picture, ClipArt or PhotoAlbum,
the “Picture Tools-Format” Ribbon appears allowing you to
manipulate the following:
◦ Brightness
◦ Contrast
◦ Recolor
◦ Compress Picture
◦ Change Picture
◦ Reset Picture
Picture Style
◦ Frames
◦ Picture Shapes
◦ Picture Borders
◦ Picture Effects
◦ Crop
◦ Change Size…can do this directly on object by grabbing circle at corner of object to resize
proportionately or a square to elongate or widen object
See next slides for examples
Picture/Photo Album
Clip Art
Insert-Shape/Text Box
•Click “Insert” Tab, then click on “Shapes” Icon or “Text Box” Icon
•For Shapes: PowerPoint will open Symbols options in
a pull down menu, click on desired symbol
• For both Shapes and Text box, “+” will appear. Place
cursor where you want symbol or text box to be (you
can move it later) and drag to create symbol or text
Text Box
•Click on “Insert” Tab, then “WordArt” Icon
•PowerPoint will open WordArt options in a pull
down menu. Click on desired option.
•A Text Box will appear indicating where to type
your text in the WordArt style chosen.
After inserting a Shape, Text Box or using WordArt, the “Drawing
Tools-Format” Ribbon appears allowing you to manipulate the
Insert Shapes
◦ Edit Shape
◦ Insert Text Box
Shape Styles
◦ Shape Fill
◦ Shape Outline
◦ Shape Effects
WordArt Styles
◦ Text Fill
◦ Text Outline
◦ Text Effects
See next slides for examples
Shapes/Text Boxes
•Search “Border” in Clip Art or Clip art on Office Online
•After Inserting desired border into PowerPoint, and
resize to fit the whole slide. Insert a Text Box in the
middle to type message.
Please wish
Gabrielle a
Happy Birthday
on April 22nd!
Textured Background and Text Fill
•Insert a Text Box
•Under “Drawing Tools-Format” Ribbon, select “Shape Fill” drop
down menu, then select “Textures”
Then your text box will have a textured background!
•You can also use this feature to fill bubble letters in WordArt by
selecting the “Text Fill” drop down menu under WordArt Styles
Word Art
Clip Art
Publisher “Fun” Documents
Award Certificates*
Business Cards
Business Forms
Gift Certificates
Greeting Cards
Important Word Documents*
Invitation Cards*
Paper Folding Projects
Quick Publications
Web Sites
With Compliments Cards
Insert-Picture/Clip Art/Text Box/WordArt/Shapes
• Can use most of the same “fun flyer” tools in Publisher used in PowerPoint.
They are located in different place:
•Insert-select object type-follow arrows until desired object reached
Important things to know in Publisher
•Additional useful Toolbar options along lefthand side column, also shortcuts for
inserting objects
•Each type of template comes with lots of objects
and prompts, but ANYTHING can be
changed…even the template.
Important things to know in Publisher
Publisher still uses Tabs instead of Ribbons like
Microsoft 2003
Basic Steps to Creating Publisher Document
Step 1: Choose publication type
Step 2: Choose design
Step 3: Customize design
Step 4: CREATE (bottom right-hand corner)
Important things to know in Publisher cont.
With publications requiring multiple pages or page
formatting to print correctly, publisher will prompt with
page numbers on the very bottom left corner of the
In Publisher, the best way to learn is by DOING so…
Word Art
Clip Art
URMC Branding Center
 Left hand column under “Useful Tools”
◦ Can download Official URMC logo, Affiliate, Entity, Schools logos
◦ Templates for PowerPoints, Brochures, E-Mails, desktop
◦ Order stationary
◦ See print advertisements
Brief note on copyright
Pictures from “Clip Art” and “Clip art on Office Online”
are available to use.
Another website:
◦ Next to search box, change “Creative Commons” to “Only”
Pictures taken from the web could be copyrighted and
have terms and restrictions for use.
◦ When searching for images in Google to use in documents
getting posted or distributed, go to “Advanced Image Search”
◦ Limit search to “Labeled for commercial use with modifications”
under the “Usage Rights”
◦ Depending on the Copyright, some individuals may reserve the
right to have their work attributed-can add web address line for
web location to attribute work

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