Mission Kakatiya” Link shown in box above to open Tank

Mission Kakatiya
Welcome to the Tank Data
Inventory Module
USER MANUAL v.1.1.Dec2014
Developed by
Telangana State Remote Sensing Application Centre (TRAC)
Dept. of Planning, Govt. of Telangana,Hyderabad
Why this site?
• “Mission Kakatiya” will be a prestigious flagship programme of
Government of Telangana as part of “Mana Vooru- Mana Cheruvu “
for restoration of Tanks
• The Government plans to restore 45,000 tanks in the next five years
• I & CAD dept. tookup Samagra Tank Survey during October 2014
and lot of information was submitted to the Office of Chief
Engineer, Minor Irrigation
• Telangana State Remote Sensing Applications Centre (TRAC) took
initiative in compiling the data
• After examining the data it is found that there are few missing gaps,
which requires to be filled by the officials
• One Web application dedicated for reconciliation of data is mooted
through this website.
Comparision of tank list as per Survey and as Submitted
Sources finalized as on 18.10.2014
Type of the Source
Small PR Tank
Minor Irrigation
Anicuts / Diverstion Schemes
Any Water Bodies created by
any dept,. (includes Forest Dept)
Check Dam
Percolation Tank
Private Kunta
No. Of
Sources as submitted to O/o CE,MI
Type of the Source
Small PR Tank
Minor Irrigation
Anicuts / Diverstion Schemes
Any Water Bodies created by
any dept,. (includes Forest
Check Dam
Percolation Tank
Private Kunta
Balance tanks
No. Of
Lot of missing gaps in data of tank list
This is only an abstract of survey results (20
submitted to O/o CE, MI such as missing
format data). It requires to be authenticated
LAT LONG, missing names, misssing
with actual list of tanks with location details
village/mandal information, etc..,
Need of the hour is
to Rectify Tank
location data, to
locate the tank
spatially and to
establish its identity
on ground before its
Concept of Website
• Each mandal level officer is provided with login
credentials with username as name of mandal and
individual passwords for rectification of data obtained
during Oct2014 survey
• Passwords will be made available through CE’s office
• These logins will be open from......... till..........
• All mandal level officers are expected to complete this
exercise within the above period.
• This User manual will help the mandal level officers in
user friendly navigation and updation process
Click “Mission Kakatiya” Link shown in box above to open
Tank Information System Home page
TIS home page
Click “Tank Inventory” Link shown in box above to open Tank data updation module
Tank Inventory Module
Click “Login” Link shown in box above to open Login Screen (Top right corner)
Login Screen
Click “User Login” Link shown in box above to Login Mandal wise
User Login Screen
Select username from Mandals list populated as shown in box above
Providing Username & Password
username will be Mandal name such as ARMUR; obtain password from CE’s office
and type in password and click Login button to login
Updating User profile
Click on “User Profile” tab to open user profile updating proforma
User profile proforma
Fill all information like, name, designation, etc., and click save button to save record
User Update module
Click on User Update Tab as shown in box above to browse tanks in the mandal
Tanks-Type of Source
Select type of source say Minor irrigation as shown above to get list of tanks of that
type. This can be repeated for other types also for browsing all tanks
Tank List
For selected mandal for selected tank type the record count as shown above
indicates the number of tanks data available in database. It could be either less or
more than the actual. It is the responsibility of mandal level officer to note the same
as per actuals and start editing the information of individual tanks using edit details
button. Click Edit Details button as shown above
Tanks – Edit details proforma
This proforma display the data if available else it will be empty. Except S. No, district,
constituency, mandal all other information can be edited. for details see next slide
Name of the Tank
Tank ID
Local Name of the Source if any
Type of Source
What is to be done
This can not be edited
Correct the name of the tank if necessary; if it is empty fill tank name
click browse on the right or visit
http://tracgis.telangana.gov.in/tis/tstis/TISApplication.html and see next
slide for entering TankID
This can not be edited
This can not be edited
This can not be edited
select village in the list provided so that name gets corrected as per the
enter if there are any local alias name to the tank
Type of source can also be edited if necessary by selecting it from the list
This is importatnt; It is necessary that a mandal/ village wise map duly
marking the tank locations and its names on a hard copy and submitted
to CE's office & also a copy to TRAC; Base map can be either available
toposheet or it can be a screen dump of TIS website developed by TRAC
printed on A4 size paper; The idea is to locate the tank spacially along
with its all neighbouring tanks
This is location information of intersection of local stream and tank bund.
Enter Longitude in DD MM SS format in the spaces provided either using
GPS/Smartphone by actually visiting the tank; for more details contact
CE's office regarding GPS,etc
This is location information of intersection of local stream and tank bund.
Enter Latitude in DD MM SS format in the spaces provided either using
GPS/Smartphone by actually visiting the tank; for more details contact
CE's office regarding GPS,etc
select phase I FY 2014-15 if this tank is being repaired/restored in the
first phase in this year FY 2014-15; else leave it as select only
Index Map
Sub Basin
Approximate length of Bund (In Mtrs)
Weir existing (Yes / No)
Sluice Existing (Yes / No)
enter major basin such as Krishna or Godavari
enter sub basin where the tank is located
enter ayacut in acres if empty; else correct if already available duly
verifying with official records
select appropriate option; for details refer CE's office
select appropriate option; for details refer CE's office
Correct the lenght of bund in meters if necessary; if it is empty fill
select appropriate option
select appropriate option
fill any other information related to tank only;
Click Refresh button to refresh the page
Click save details for saving the records successfully
Ayacut (In Acres)
Direct Ayacut / Indirect Ayacut
Available in rolls of the Department (Yes / No)
For entering Tank ID
• Browse to TIS website
• Or Mission Kakatiya Link on
• This website is developed as part of Tank
Information System project taken up TRAC
erstwhile APSRAC sponsored by I & CAD
• Tanks can be accessed on a GIS screen. See next
slide for details.
TIS website
Follow the instructions given in next slide
Click on show TOC button as shown in box
Clear Rivers & Streams check box and again click to tick the same
so that rivers and streams are displayed in GIS window.
Click TOC button to close TOC
Browse to village level tank by selecting administrative, District, Mandal,
village as shown in the box below. Note down the tank ID number displayed
on the tank and enter against Tank ID row in edit details module of tank
inventory. If tank is not found on the map, leave blank in Tank ID row and
enter tank not shown on map in remarks row in tank inventory. It will be
included on map at a later date.
How to prepare an Index Map
• It is necessary that mandal level index map
containing locations of all tanks within the
mandal marked on an available toposheet or just
screen dump of tis website printed on a A4 sheet.
• For preparing index map it also necessary that all
mandal level officers to have a broad idea of birds
eye view of all tanks present in the mandal
• next slide explains how it can be done using tis
Browse to Mandal level tanks by selecting administrative, District, Mandal as
shown in the box below. For ex: Jakranpalle mandal of Nizamabad District is
selected. The selected Jakranpalle mandal boundary with all villages and
available tanks will be displayed in GIS screen. The streams can also be
placed as explained in previous slides on TOC button. Take printscreen of the
map displayed using ‘’CTRL + prt sc’’ or “Fn + prt sc” keys on your key board;
Open either MS word or MS powerpoint; set page size to A4; orientation to
Landscape. Ex; blank MS word page is opened with A4 size & Orientation
Now right click on blank page and select paste from pop up menu as shown
The required mandal map is pasted in blank MS word page as shown below.
Save MS word page at your convenient location and take print on A4 sheet
Some tanks are already displayed on mandal map; check any tank additions
or deletions are to be done; correct it using pen; give your own numbering
to the tanks added and provide a list of number and tank name on a
separete A4 sheet. Scan both sheets of map and list using scanner /
smartphone picture and send e-mail to [email protected] and
[email protected]
Tank Inventory
• Repeat the steps above for all tanks in the mandal; if a particular
tank is not listed, prepare and keep it ready the details of that tank
in a excel form for timebeing and enter the details as and when add
new tank module is provided. Add new tank module is under
• Change password in user profile is under preparation
• Log out after entering both user profile and user update modules
• The correctness of spatial locations i.e., Latitude and Longitude
information will be verified at TRAC and feedback will be provided
to CE’s office if any discrepencies/missing information are noticed.
Thank You....

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