Grade 7 - Management WNY121013

U.S. Soccer Federation Referee Program
Grade 7 Referee Course
Amateur Adult Training
o Players
o Experienced
o Multicultural
o Physically mature
o Competitions
o Competitive
o Challenging
o “Abuse” of referee more common/intense
RefereeAbilities and Skills
o Confident
o Composed
o Personality
o Embrace the need to manage
o Game control
o Game flow
o Know the Laws of the Game
o Work with referee team
Tool Box
Tool Box
o Laws of the Game
o Correct interpretation and application
o Required action
o Practical approach to refereeing
Tool Box
o Communication
o Verbal and non verbal
oBody language
oEyes and facial expression
oStance and proximity
o Whistle
o Cards
Tool Box
o Game control
o Foul selection
oCareless or misconduct
oAdvantage - Game flow
o Proactive approach
Tool Box
o Consistency
o Expected by players
o Similar situations
oSame outcome for both teams
oRegardless of variables
Tool Box
o Proactive and preventive
o Relatable
o Respectful
o Firm but fair
o Work with team captains
o Objective
o Maintain game flow without compromising
game control
o Overview
o Tool box
o Decisions
oClear, effective, immediate
o Experience is the best teacher
Review Question
o Can a strong personality help officials
effectively manage games at the amateur
adult level?
o Yes
o No
Review Question
o Is a comprehensive understanding of how to
interpret and apply the Laws of the Game
needed to be a successful referee at this
o Yes
o No
Review Question
o What is the overall objective of management?
o Maintain game flow
o Maintain game control
o Maintain game flow without compromising
game control
o Issuing as many cards as possible for
Review Question
o What should referees use to effectively
communicate with players?
o Verbal and non-verbal language
o Whistle
o Cards
o All of the above
Review Question
o Does game control refer to stopping play to
punish offenses under the Laws of the Game?
o Yes
o No
Review Question
o What does the term game flow mean?
o The tempo or pace of the game
o How many times the referee has stopped the
game to enforce the Laws of the Game
Review Question
o Should referees working the amateur adult
game develop a tool box to assist with
managing games at this level?
o Yes
o No

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