How to make a simple tempeh incubator.

How to make a simple tempeh
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Completed simple incubator.
• This is a simple set of step by step instructions
so that anyone can make a simple, cheap
incubator for the home use of making
delicious fresh white tempeh!
You will need:
1 Styrofoam box,1 basket that fits inside
the box,2 plastic rods and a 25 watt
aquarium heater.
For tools you will need: 1 measure tape,1
marker,1 knife or hole saw and a drill bit bigger
than the diameter of the plastic rods.
1: mark the expected water level, this needs to cover
your aquarium heater generously . 2: Mark the bottom
of the hole that you will cut. Leave about 25 mm space
between the water level and the bottom of the hole.
3 : cut the hole, about 50 mm diameter so the heater
will fit through.
Once you have cut the hole, round or
square, place your basket on the 2 plastic
rods and mark where to make the holes ,
about 40 mm below the top , use your drill
bit manually, no need for a drill.
Once you have drilled the four holes, push the plastic
rods in position and place the basket on top. It should
be suspended above expected water level and not
touching the lid, once it is in position.
Set the temperature of your heater to
30 Degrees Celcius , feed through the
hole and place on the bottom, making
sure it is fully submerged under water.
It should look this this, make sure
the water level covering the heater
and turn it on.
Place the lid on top and check the
ambient temperature after 24 hours,
it should be around 30 Degrees.
Once the temperature has stabilized
around 30 degrees, proceed to
prepare your beans ,inoculate , put in
the bag and place in the basket.
Place the lid on top, close the box and
proceed the fermentation as per
instructions that came with your order
of the tempeh kit.
Alternatively you can place a rack
on top of some rods and place your
bags on there to ferment.
Full instructions for successful tempeh
making will come with your order of a
tempeh kit or tempeh starter ,
see you at:
thanks and good luck

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