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About Box Tops
• Box Tops for Education™ is one of the nation’s largest
programs that helps schools
• Over 90,000 K-8th grade schools are enrolled in the
• Enrolled schools have earned $600+ million since
the program began in 1996
o Schools earned $80+ Million for the 2013-2014 school year
• Over 250 participating Box Tops products including
apparel, food, paper products and produce
How Box Tops Works
• Every Box Tops clip is worth 10 cents
• A volunteer Coordinator leads the program at each
• Schools can receive two checks every school year.
One check in December and one check in April
• Money earned can be used by schools to buy books,
sports equipment, supplies, uniforms or anything they
How You Can Help
o Find the Box Tops logo on participating products
when you shop
o Clip Box Tops and save them on a collection
o Send your Box Tops to your school’s Coordinator
o Sign-up as a school supporter on
o Volunteer to help your Coordinator during key
submission periods (October and February)
Our School’s Goal
Last Year’s Earnings: $ [Total Here]
This Year’s Goal: $ [Goal Here]
We Need/Want to Fund:
o [Item Here]
o [Item Here]
o [Item Here]
More Information
• Become a member on
o Receive exclusive coupons and offers
o Receive updates on our school’s earnings progress
o Hear about ways to help us earn more
• Follow Box Tops for Education on social media
Thanks for Your Help!
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