Biomass Presentation - Eubanks

Biomass Task Force
Nevada County Board of Supervisors Meeting, March 26, 2013
 Task Force Started 3 ½ Years Ago
 Task Force Members
 Represent Local, State and Federal Government,
Industry, Environmental Interests, Business Interests,
Fire Safe Council, Interested Public (open to anyone)
 Task Force Focus
 Assist Reduction of Wildfire Threat and Effects
 Establish Facility To Use Excess Biomass
Biomass Facility
 Several Options: Electricity/Heat, Pellets, Biofuel
 Electricity
 Steam to Electricity and Heat
 Gasification to Electricity and Heat
Benefits of a Biomass
 Provides a Market for Utilization of Excess Biomass
 Potential Support to Landowners for Hazard Reduction
 Increased Protection for Communities and Resources
 Reduced Open Burning, On-site Decay, Disposal
 Fewer Emissions/Pollutants, Better Air Quality
 Jobs/Economic Benefits: ~4.9 Jobs/Megawatt
 Offset Fossil Fuel Energy Generation
 Potential to Incorporate Other Waste Materials for Fuel
Change FromThis
To This
Emissions Reduction Benefits
Biomass Facility vs. Open Burning
Biomass Feasibility Assessment
Current Task Force Priority
 Biomass Feasibility Assessment Elements
Sustainable Supply Assessment
Identify and Rate Feasible Facility Locations
Technology Assessment
Initial Economic Assessment
Biomass Feasibility
 What is Needed?
 Funding: ~$50,000
 Pursuing Grants
 Community Development Block Grant
 USDA Rural Development
 Contributions From Various Organizations
 Value of an Assessment
 Credible Information to Describe Options, Build
 Cost of Building a Facility--$4-5 Million/MW
 Biomass Processing and Transportation Costs
 Resistance of Major Utilities for Grid Hookup
 Current Electricity Rates
Potential Solutions
 SB 1122, Feed In Tariff Support for Biomass Energy
 Carbon Credits for Utilizing Excess Biomass
 Community and County BOS Support in Dealing
with Utilities
County Support
 Continue Task Force Participation—BOS Presence
From Beginning of Task Force
 CDB G Support
 Conceptual Support

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