Bob*s problem -

To solve Standard Media Case
Bob’s problem (Q1)
• The major problem is about Bob’s willingness to
face client disagreement in the way of the
analysis is done regarding the both company
• Indeed it obvious that it is an ill-structured
problem because it is a :
– Unique
– Complex
– With high degree of incertainty
– Controversy and conflictual
– Can lead to risky situation and political debate
Bob’s problem (Q2)
• We can notice a bound to rationality in Bob’s problem
because it relies on limited information (in this cases it
is more asymmetric information) and that reflects time
constraints and political considerations. This leads to
hus irrational wondering :
– providing perfect job in opposition with client first
expectation and keep working all week-ends
– stay conventional fit client need even if it might drive to
uncertain results
• We will see what can be a good alternative solution to
solve the problem at the end of this study
Problem causes (Q3)
• Bob is suffering from too much information it is
obvious. Indeed if his market study on male grooming
was less informative and agree with the idea's of
market studies of Charles Chastain, the Standard's
marketing member and also in Bob's boss Barry way of
doing business, it will be much more easier for Bob's
work and Bob's relation with this two guys
• However we will see that this solution of going in the
way of Charles and Barry is a short term solution and a
bad one. We think that the best solutions are the longterm, rational ones
Problem causes (Q4)
• To frame this problem, Bob decided to react
quickly by being transparent at first and
immediately talk of its problems to he's
• Bob probably did it out of fear to worsen the
situation thereafter. Indeed, another solution
could be avoid the problem by disguising the
study. But honesty took over
Problem causes (Q5)
• confirmation that there is an escalation
because the problem encourages to see above
in the hierarchy in order to clearly identify the
problem and find an initiative allowing to
continue the business to the clients wishes
• There were to group thinking to find solution
regarding the sample and data loss.
Problem causes (Q6)
• To make it brief, Bob is concerned that his boss, Barry
Michael, is only seeing the business result (which is to
have a long/durable relation with its new clients «
Standard's ») by answering the wishes of the client
even if the methods Standard's wants is wrong and will
bring fake results.
• We are talking here about Bias and Anchoring effect
(which is the human tendency to rely heavily on the
first piece of information received) that the client have.
Indeed Standard's wants to apply its own method of
analyse which here is wrong and this because of the
Bias and sounds/noises they have heard.
Problem causes (Q7)
• Of course this case appears some ethical
issues as :
– the problem for Bob regarding client and boss will
instead of its own working capacity
– to give tit for tat to Majorie who help him when
he was in trouble with data loss
– Familial issues ( Bob want to spend more weekend with his familiy)
Plan / Solution (Q8)
• For us a plan or hypothesis for found a solution is
– In a short term vision, he can follow his boss and
client opinion and avoid conflict but will be
responsible for a probable failure of Standard Media
project and his job can be challenged
– In a long term vision, he has to dare go in a conflict
situation with client and his boss saying that following
their plan it might drive to a failure and so if they still
decide to go their way he will not be responsible for

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