Phases of tourism development in Queenstown

* English- Here for an overseas experience and
they were wealthy
* The domestic market was made up of people
from Canterbury, Otago and Southland
* They came here for the climbing and skiing at
The remarkables and Coronet Peak skifields.
* They also came for the Lakes- swimming,
fishing and boating
* 1863- Coach service from Dunedin to Kingston- 4
days travel
* 1878- railway was built from Dunedin to Kingston –
14 hours travel
* To get from Kingston to Queenstown you went on a
boat- The Ben Lomond, The Earnslaw or The Antrim
* Family owned businesses and advertising in
* Overseas tourists arriving from Japan, America
and Australia
* By the mid 1970s 150 000 visitors were
attracted annually
* Development snowballed as an increasing number of
attractions brought in more tourists, who required
facilities and who supported an increasing range and
number of attractions
* Coronet Peak introduced a rope toe in 1947commissioned William Hamilton to build this and it
was the first successful tow in the country
* 1964 a road was built up to Bob’s Peak above
* 1967 a Gondola was built up Bob’s Peak- 1st 6 weeks
10000 people visited)
* 4 wheel driving into remote mining towns
* Shotover Jet trips began in 1957 but they gained
exclusive rights in 1962 when American tourists
were willing to pay 5x the price.
* Airfield was established and in 1961 the first
international flight from Melbourne to
Christchurch occurred.
* Roads were being constructed
* In the 1930s the government helped with
improvements in seating, tree planting, tracks,
sports fields, electric lighting, water and
* Industry- Marketed to NZ families to begin with
then in 1970s Air New Zealand began
international advertising campaigns targeted at
Auckland, Rotorua and Queenstown
* South Americans, UK and Irish come for work
opportunities. Tourist numbers start to level
off. More independent travellers.
* 378 000 tourists arrived
* This was a period of rapid development
* Bungy jumping, heli-skiing, luge, canyon swing,
river boating, skydiving, paragliding, boat
* A construction boom provided retail space,
accommodation, offices and restaurants- by 1989
there were concerns about accommodation over
supply- bankruptcy occurred
* Rapid growth created congestion on roads
* 11 flights from Sydney and Melbourne per week in
winter. 6 flights in summer
* Access by road apart from the Nevis Gorge which is
closed Nov-Dec for repairs.
* The Crown Range road to Wanaka is sealed
* Industry- International chains set up in
* Ngai Tahu develop in the CBD and the Shotover
* Trojan Holdings- skifields and the AJ Hackett
* Regulators- Destination Queenstown set up and
every business pays a small rate to them for
* Confidence was restored and an increase in
both international and domestic tourist
numbers occurred- 1.4 million.
* Queenstown now has a reputation as an
adventure mecca
* A wide range of attractions are introduced to
broaden the appeal- wine tours, boutique
shopping, spas and horse trekking
* International flights from both Air New Zealand and
Jet Star
* Daily flights to Auckland, Christchurch and
* Daily bus services to and from CHCH, also from
Dunedin, Invercargill etc
* Major international and all national rental car
companies and campervan companies have offices
in Queenstown
* Beds for 20 000 visitors and extensive range of
premier hotels to backpackers
* Industry- Overseas capital is used to fund major
accommodation projects, intensified tourist
activities at key sites eg Coronet Peak skifield
adding in restaurants, chairlifts, artificial snow
* Regulators- DOC- Manages many areas such as
walking tracks, visitor centres, car parks and
* Destination Queenstown- promotes sustainable
tourism development and markets Queenstown to
the world through brochures, websites etc

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