Bob Kahn

2004 Turing Award Winner
Pioneered the Transmission Control Protocol and the Internet Protocol
George Gaytan
CSCE 221-200 Spring
In short
Born in Brooklyn, New York to parents Beatrice
Pauline and Lawrence Kahn
 December 23rd, 1938
Finished High School in 3 years
B.E.E. in E.E. –Queens/City College of NY-1960
M.A./Ph.D in E.E. -Princeton-1962/1964
Since his schooling, he has worked at places such
as Bell Labs, MIT, BBN, DARPA, and even his own
company CNRI.
Currently married to Patrice Ann Lyons, who
actually made a CNRI publication alongside him
What did Dr. Kahn do?
While at DARPA, he ran the largest
computer research and development
 He, along with Vint Cerf, helped form the
basis for today’s internet as we know it
 This basis is known as TCP/IP
 What is TCP/IP? Well…
Vint Cerf & Bob Kahn
When data is run through a network, it has to
follow rules. The system of these rules are
called protocols.
 The Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) and
the Internet Protocol(IP) are the primary
protocols used for connecting hosts on the
 The latest (IPv6-using 128-bit addresses) is what our
modern internet runs on, though as of 2013, the last
(IPv4-using 32-bit addresses) still carries the vast
majority of traffic
As of Jan. 1st,1983, the Internet was formed from
ARPANET when all nodes adopted TCP/IP
TCP/IP implemented
TCP operates at layer 4
 IP operates at layer 3
Open Systems Interconnection Model vs. TCP/IP
7.Network Process to application
6.Abstracts data to presentable
format. (Encrypts/decrypts)
5.Manages sessions/Interhost
4.Reliably delivers packets between
points on a network
3.Addressing/routing. Delivers
datagrams between network points
2.Reliable direct point-point data
1.Direct point-point data connection
After TCP/IP
In 1992, with his fellow “Father of the
internet”, Vint Cerf, Bob Kahn founded the
Internet Society
 The Internet Society was established to “provide
leadership in Internet related standards,
education, and policy.”
Dr. Bob Kahn also has put a lot of time and
effort into his nonprofit organization,
Corporation for National Research
Initiatives (CNRI), as the sole Founder,
Chairman, CEO, and President
More about Dr. Kahn
From his father’s side, he is related to
the futurist, military strategist, and
systems theorist, “Herman Kahn”,
known for analyzing consequences of
nuclear war
He carries a Jewish heritage from
both of his parents
His mothers heart condition led him to
Queens and the City College of NY.
 Bob Kahn attributes these institutions
and their specialties (Queens for
engineering and City College for
Math/Physics) for getting him to where
he is today
Various Awards & Accolades
2004 Turing Award (Won with Vint Cerf)
 “For pioneering work on internetworking, including the
design and implementation of the Internet's basic
communications protocols, TCP/IP, and for inspired
leadership in networking.”
1997 Medal of Technology
2001 Inducted as a Fellow of ACM
2008 Japan Prize
2012 Inducted into Internet Hall of Fame
2013 Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering

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