Capario & CureMD
Partnering to bring clients the best solution for streamlining
workflow & increasing cash flow
Who is Capario?
Capario has been providing revenue cycle management
services to providers for more than 20 years
• Easy-to-use, yet advanced, portal toolset that fits seamlessly
into existing workflow
• Real-time technology that integrates
with any practice management system
• World-class customer service
– Dedicated Support, Enrollment, and
Account Manager
EHNAC accredited
• CORE Phase I & II certified
Reputation of Excellence
In recent KLAS® surveys of
Capario customers:
 100% said they would buy
from us again
 100% said that Capario is a
part of their long-term plans
 100% say that we keep our
What services do we offer CureMD
Electronic Claims
– Both Professional and Institutional
– Worker’s Comp with or without attachments
Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA)
– ERA is linked to the claim in CaparioOne
Real-Time Eligibility & Claim Status Inquiry
• Correct Coding & Medical Necessity Editing (CCI/MNC)
• CaparioOne RCM Services
– Data is stored for 14 months
Paper Claims Services
– Paper to EDI
– Secondary Paper Claims & EOB
Paper Claim Services
Going “Electronic” is now easier than ever
Paper to EDI
By using Capario’s Paper to EDI service, you can send more of
your claims electronically without going through the timeintensive task of researching payer IDs and addresses
• It’s easy!
– Send the claim electronically to Capario using the payer ID of
– Capario will perform an address match using the address on your
claim and our database of payers. If the system makes a match,
we will send the claim electronically, making adjudicating that
claim fast and easy.
– Once the claim is sent, you will be notified to update your system
with the appropriate electronic payer ID.
– If the system does not make a match, Capario will take on the task
of printing and sending on paper for you.
Automating Secondary Paper Claims
By using Capario’s secondary paper claims service you can
eliminate the daunting task of finding the primary EOB, making
a copy and attaching it to the secondary claim prior to mailing.
• It’s easy!
– Send your secondary claim electronically to Capario using the
payer ID of PAPER, ensuring you have included the necessary
primary payment information
– Capario will generate a primary EOB based on the payment
information in the claim and send the secondary claim along with
the primary EOB to the payer for processing
Would you like more information?
Stop by the Capario booth
contact CureMD at 212-509-6200

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