Julie Udell - University of Portsmouth

University of Portsmouth Ageing
Network (UPAN)
Prof. Martin Severs (Chair)
Derek Ward and Julie Udell (Facilitators)
Capacity and Capability
 Knowledge – Schools and Departments across UoP
 Skills - Interactive teaching and learning, engagement
work, applying for research funding
 Attributes – Enthusiastic, public facing, business-
minded, imaginative
 Availability - To promote and participate in ageing
activities generated through UPAN
Capacity and Capability
 Internal
 Self referrals
 Associate Deans of Research
 Staff group – i.e. Lifelong Health and Well-being
 Recommendations
 External
 Community groups
 City Council
 Charitable Organisations
 Private Companies
 Other Universities
 Individual members of the public
Contact Management
Contact management is the activity to make the most effective use of all
contacts within UPAN to benefit the University and its associated community
 Community outreach – public talks, student
projects, volunteering
 Education - teaching and learning on age-related
issues, public involvement in teaching and learning,
gaining experience of working with older people
 Research - Forging links for collaborative
partnerships, identifying funding sources (with
RIS), obtaining ‘letters of support’, promoting
public involvement, facilitating with proposals
 Knowledge transfer
Some current examples …
Working with the
Alzheimer’s Society
Masters of Research (MRes) projects
 Carers of people with dementia – Access to Information
 Evaluating the Kitbags and Berets groups
Evaluation project
 Creative Arts – Singing, Music and Drama groups
Dementia Care Pathway
What is the experience of people with dementia, and their
carers, of the current pathway?
What works well?
What could be better (and how)?
Collaborative review:
 University of East London
 University of Portsmouth
 Healthwatch Portsmouth
 Backed by the Integrated Commissioning Group
Portsmouth Forum for
Older Peoples Groups
A new forum established for groups that support older
people (generally 60+) across Portsmouth
 participant-led
 supported by Community Action in Portsmouth
 Provide opportunities for networking and sharing information
 Be an expert reference group
 Highlight gaps in provision and maximise resources
 Influence statutory organisations and other agencies
 Cascade information to small voluntary groups
Wessex Renal and Transplant Unit Workshop
 Research strategy (CKD in older people)
 Associate Department of SHSSW
 Networking ‘Clinic Day’
Care Home Workshop
 Understanding the issues affecting Nursing and Care Homes and their
 Identifying how UPAN’s expertise and resources could be accessed and
utilised by those involved in this area of care to help meet their needs
 Links and collaboration with academics within the University, local
organisations, hospitals, and charities
And also …
Building networks, including :
Southampton Uni Ageing & Health Network
Patient and Public Involvement South Network
DeNDRoN (Dementia and Neurodegenerative Diseases Research Network)
Portsmouth Dementia Network
Portsmouth Hospitals and GP Clusters
PCC/Integrated Commissioning Unit
PhD Researcher Network
Facilitating research, including:
Solent NHS Psychology/Talking Changes Older Persons Access
PCC – Community Researchers project
Health and Safety Laboratory - ‘Falls toolkit’ for Dementia care wards
Psychology research linked with PPI - U3A, PPA and ENGAGE
A range of outputs to keep the UPAN community
informed about what we are doing and how we are
doing (hopefully in a fun way) through:
 Website – www.port.ac.uk/aboutus/ageingnetwork/
 Meetings
 Presentations
 Newsletters
 Student project ideas
 Twitter
UPAN Facilitators
Derek Ward and Julie Udell
Please contact us:
02392 84 4432 or 84 6640
[email protected]
Capacity and

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