`Everybody`s Business A trainers package`

Everybody’s Business
A trainers package
An e-learning package
Department of Health & Department for Education jointly commission NCSS as a service improvement programme which helps strengthen mental health services for children and young people in
England. It provides support and challenge to Targeted Mental Health in Schools pathfinder pilots and manages a range of national projects commissioned by DH and DCSF. Its core regional
activity is undertaken in collaboration with Strategic Health Authorities, Government Offices and local providers.
Guidance and policy from the Department of Health
(DH) and the Department for Children, Schools and
Families (DCSF) – includes the role of universal and
mainstream services in promoting children’s mental
health. There is a consensus that non-mental health
workers have a significant role to play. This includes:
•Providing initial assessment and early identification of
difficulties (DH, 2004; DfES 2004)
•Identifying those who need help (HAS, 1995; DH,
2004; DfES, 2004)
•Offering advice and support to those with mild or minor
problems (HAS, 1995; DfES, 2004)
•Pursuing opportunities for mental health
promotion and prevention (HAS, 1995; DfES,
•Having sufficient knowledge of specialist
services to be able to refer on appropriately
as necessary (DH, 2004; DfES, 2004)
•Advising or the providing therapeutic help
that does not require intensive specialist
training or onward referral (DH, 2004)
“Anyone working directly with children and families needs to
ask themselves regularly
“what can I do to improve the mental health and well
being of this child?”
The children and young people we spoke to are clear
about who they will turn to when they need help. The fact
that teachers are included in the “inner circle” suggests they
are valued and trusted by many children and young people
and therefore play a significant role in supporting mental
health and psychological well being. So they need support
and knowledge to do this effectively.”
CAMHS Review, 2008
Everybody’s Business:
Trainers’ Package
Everybody’s Business Trainers' Package
What’s in it?
The 3 training packages are:
•Understanding Mental Health
•Perinatal and Infant Mental Health
•Mental Health Promotion
Each package is split into a number of sessions to
allow flexibility of delivery.
Works best if delivered by people with relevant
Everybody’s Business Trainers' Package
What’s in it?
Each of the three trainers’ packages
•trainers notes
•power-point presentations
•participant handouts
•training activities
Everybody’s Business:
E-Learning Materials
Everybody’s Business E-Learning Package
Expanded into the same three modules:
•Understanding Mental Health – an updated and
revised version of the original e-learning site
•Perinatal and Infant Mental Health
•Mental Health Promotion
Includes theory, exercises to test and develop
knowledge, discussion forums, options to
feedback, a certificate for CPD once a module is
Everybody’s Business E-Learning Package –
Here’s what it looks like:
Link to forums here
Move between sessions
• Thank-you for listening. I can be contacted at
[email protected]
• We will be putting the trainers materials on our
wesbite on the “tier1/universal training” which
can be accessed at
• The e-learning is at http://learning.camhs.org.uk
Both are free resources

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