Slajd 1

Red Apple, Autumn RM
What is the purpose?
To increase the quality of
courses by involving the
LBGs in a contest
What should I do to get the Red Apple?
One question
Pre materials
Activities’ diversity
One question related to the course topic
• >= 1/3 questions from organisers
• Announcement DL
• Check applicants' interest
Example of question
Topic: Renewable energy sources
Imagine that you are zebra. Are you
white with black strips or black with
white strips?
I didn’t take a shower for 5 days. Tell
me that I stink in polite way.
Which solution is better – windmill
or solar panel? Why?
• Summary of topics
• >=3 weeks before the event
• To present educational scope
Example of syllabus
Name of activity
Power from wind
Number of working hours
Type of activity
Company visit
Short summary of the content
During this event participants will get the
chance to understand how the windmils
work, etc.
A. Miller „Windmills”, Alaska 2010
Expected effect
By the end of this event participant will be
able to point out the main differences
between types of wind turbines
Pre materials
• Educational materials
• >=3 weeks before the event
• To provide basic knowledge
Diversity of activities
• >=3 types of educational activities
• =<2 weeks after the event
• To increase the interest
What about an award?
• It exists! ;)
• Visible for BESTies
• Given during GMs
• Winners announced on
4 Red Apple
-One question
- Syllabus
- Pre materials
- Activities‘
So what’s next?
• Join Red Apple in Spring12
• Remember about one
question while announcing
the event
• Inform Season Coordinator
that you want to apply for
Red Apple
Questions, doubts?
We are eager to answer all your questions!
[email protected]
Bon appetit!

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