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Cameron School of Business
University North Carolina Wilmington
Karen Barnhill
Terrey Hatcher
Barbara Hoppe
Keyword Search
Access to your courses
Access to Computer Based Training courses
Podcasts via iTunes U
Registration for parking and dining plans
... and much more.
Use your student i.d. #
“850” for username
and 6-digit birthdate
for password
Course information
Account information (financial)
Contact information
Grades – audit/transcripts
Your e-mail account
password expires
every 90 days.
TAC=Technical Assistance Center
Call TAC
910-962-HELP (4357)
[email protected]
1st floor library (very back)
Free virus protection
Block Registration
 Fall semester classes
 Summer session – thesis hours
 3 credit hours summer session II
 Fall semester – 4 credit hours thesis
Student Account Transactions
 Payment due NOW!
 Classes dropped for non-payment
 Books on four-hour reserve in Library
 To access IMBA textbooks go to the Library
homepage and Course Reserves
Profile book is for faculty, staff,
students, employers
Draft profile information to review
Profile book ready in about 2 weeks
The listserv is used for students, faculty, and
staff to communicate information that is
important to the entire group. For off-line or
social discussions, consider establishing a
separate group in Outlook.
E-mail addresses
Access to Cameron Hall, CIS Building is
24/7 with I.D. Card
Access to study rooms “sandboxes” in
 3 rooms
 Reservations required
 Key access (1020)
◦ Fixed Income
◦ Equity
◦ Foreign Exchange
Bloomberg Aptitude Test
Hours- Monday – Friday
8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
Edward Jones Room – CIS 1002
UNCW One Cards are your campus ID and
will allow you access to student services:
 Library
 Recreation Center
 One Card flex account
Preliminary decision due NOW
No changes after October 1
Skype presentation TBA
Information exchange with
partners/admission process with partner
Need transcripts from spring semester
courses (undergrad transcripts and copy of
diploma for Valencia)
 Will complete UNCW graduation application
later in the spring
 If all classes successfully completed (including
thesis), UNCW graduation date is December
 Transcripts to partner university
 Ceremony
Immunization—not required to supply
immunization information because you are not
using the Student Health Center
IBSA Student Handbook—will be posted on the
IMBA website
Enjoy your benefits:
 Library/Research Seminars
The Writing Center
Seahawk Perch
IMBA students are not permitted to use the Student Health
Center unless you have signed up and paid the fee for
that service. You are part of an extension program, and
your regular fees do not include this service.
In case you need medical care, you can use a map-based
search for doctors and see what facilities and types of
services are located near the university. Ask friends and
classmates for recommendations of doctors or facilities.
Hospital services can be very expensive, depending on your
insurance. Check before you get admission if your need is not
Cape Fear Hospital
5301 Wrightsville Ave.
Wilmington, NC
New Hanover Regional Medical Center
2131 S. 17th Street
Wilmington, NC
•Great information available on the website under Current
Students, then Parking and Transportation, then Shuttle.
The Wave
•Public bus service around the Wilmington area.
•For all area residents, not just students.
•Free to students with your UNCW One Card.
We provided bus schedules for you, and you can also
pick them up on campus in Warwick Hall.
 Free shuttle service and WAVE Transit Service with
 Campus Loop Shuttle every 30 minutes at stops on
 Seahawk Shuttles operate in 1-mile radius
 Point to Point from Randall Library to residence
within 1-mile radius, Sunday-Thursday evenings
during regular semester
Please check out the UNCW Office of International
Programs (OIP) website, which has advice about
study abroad. It focuses on undergraduates, but
some of the information will be useful as you
prepare for your spring semester studies.
Information sessions are available Tuesdays and
You must fill out the IMBA Travel Form for the UNCW Office of
International Programs.
Study abroad insurance is required and will be billed to your
student account at a rate of $1.32 per day.
With the Travel Form, you must also submit your itinerary: dates
leaving and returning, any side trips you know about.
You must provide (write on Travel Form cover page) an
emergency contact in your country of study (can be university
administrative contact).
Submit to Terrey Hatcher as soon as you have firmed up your
Ask your contact at the partner university for advice on that
specific country’s visa requirements—start early!
The UNCW Office of International Programs website provides
information about passports and visas at
Check out the U.S. Department of State website
for country-specific information on visa requirements.
U.S. Department of State provides links to visa information (Entry/Exit Requirements) in
different countries at
Hochschule Bremen: German Consulate
Valencia: UV provides master acceptance letters for visa purposes.
Embassy of Spain, Washington, DC
IBS RANEPA: Not included in the tuition fee. Visa costs depend on the consulate fees in
various countries. IBS provides visa invitations. Must start process as soon as possible.
Web site: Embassy of the Russian Federation
University of Hertfordshire: UK Border Agency
Unirazak: Contact Malaysian Consulate in New York via e-mail: [email protected]
Malaysian govt. web site: http://www.kln.gov.my/web/guest/home
Novancia: Embassy of France
Hochschule Bremen: International Student Association
helps students find an accommodation off campus.
Universitat de Valencia: Information on off-campus
accommodation is provided on their web site.
IBS RANEPA: Accommodation on campus is available.
University of Hertfordshire: On-campus halls of residence,
and assistance with off-campus housing.
Unirazak: Can recommend real estate agents for offcampus housing.
Novancia: Can recommend real estate agents for offcampus housing.
Hochschule Bremen, Germany
Angela Dunkhorst, Program Coordinator
E-mail: [email protected]
Evgenia Pashkevitch
E-mail: [email protected]
Universitat de Valencia, Spain
Ana Aroca
E-mail: [email protected]
University of Hertfordshire, UK
In transition…
E-mail: [email protected]
Unirazak, Malaysia
Rozina Haron
E-mail: [email protected]
Dominique Loizance-Lemoine
E-mail: [email protected]

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