Care Identity Service

Care Identity Service
Registration Authority
Care Identity Service
• The system for registering user and maintaining smartcards is
• HSCIC have delayed the migration to CIS – now proposed late
February 2015
• E-learning on RA processes and Sponsor training is available now
• HSCIC will send fortnightly links to training if Sponsors email
address is on the Spine
• Complete RA Policy and RA Sponsor modules to download
• Send training certificate to RA Mailbox –
• Requests for changes, new starters or leavers for CIS may not be
accepted without your training certificate
Entering your details on the spine
1. Go to National Spine Portal – –
and select ‘Launch Spine User Directory’
2. Select My Profile
3. Click on the Edit option, in the My Basic Details section, as shown below.
4. Add your email address in box and Save as indicated below. If
you do not have an email account proceed to step 5.
5. Click on the Edit option, in the My Organisation Specific Details section, as shown below.
6. Add a local email address to the box circled below. Then click the Add Value button and Save.
Registering for E-Learning – Step 1 (Verification)
1 – Go to and select ‘ I have a Person UUID’
2 – Enter your UUID (12-Digit Number on the front of your Smartcard) and
Surname then click ‘verify’
Registering for E-Learning – Step 2 (Registration)
Add personal details to the online registration form - Username, Password, Email
and RA Role (Sponsor)
Registering for E-Learning – Step 3 (Login)
Success - User will also be sent a ‘Welcome’ email to allow
them to login
Care Identity Service Training modules
RA Sponsor
Policy (Short Version)
Raising Requests
View Requests and Lists
Unlocking & Renewing Smartcards
Assigning Positions & Workgroups
Care Identity Service Training modules
Smartcard Administrator
• Policy (Short Version)
• Unlocking & Renewing Smartcards
CIS Training Portal
Results can take up to an hour to refresh
Complete RA Policy AND Sponsor Process training modules before
downloading certificate and sending to
Useful Information
Anglia – Anglia Helpdesk - 01502 719550
Essex – Essex IT Helpdesk - 01268 243731
London – GPIT Helpdesk – 020 3688 1414
- Via the RA Officers and RA Manager. Contact through the service desk
Further Information
NHS Spine Portal link –

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