Customer Experience Strategies West Summit

Culture is Service…
Aligning to Soar
The JetBlue Story
Founder David Neeleman created JetBlue
“Bring Humanity Back to Air Travel.”
Service launched on February 11, 2000
JetBlue operated 21 aircraft to18 markets.
JetBlue serves 77 destinations with
more than 800 flights daily.
Fleet of 127 Airbus A320’s
54 Embraer 190’s
15,000 + Crewmembers
The JetBlue Story
Become the Americas’ favorite airline by
Bringing humanity back to air travel
JD Power: Trend 2007, 2008 & 2009
Net Promoter Score
Net promoter score = % promoters - % detractors
The Process: Getting to “Inside Out”
Net Promoters Score
The Process: Getting to “Inside Out”
People Related
Non-People Related
The Solution: Launch “Culture is Service”
The Solution: Work “Inside Out”
Educate Crewmembers (CMs) on:
JetBlue’s state of service
How we measure our service performance
How CMs behaviors impact the Customer Experience
How JetBlue’s culture plays a significant role in supporting our
CMs’ ability to deliver magnificent service
Highly experiential process designed to elicit open dialogue
cross-functionally and across levels
In-the-moment cross-functional problem solving
Role model the concept of unexpected moments for CMs
Recognize the great work CMs have done over the last
decade with regard to service
CIS Summits Launched
Culture is Service Attendees
June/July 2010
500 Inflight Crewmembers
November 2010
450 Airport Crewmembers
April 2011
352 Customer Support Crewmembers
CIS Initial Results: Post
2010-2011 Summits
2010 Summit participants scored higher NPS
scores for all 2011
88% of participants reported positive change
in ability to support their crews providing
magnificent service
(surveyed 6 months post-summit)
98% of participants reported they had
“A clearer understanding how Customer
Support Department contributes to the
success of the organization”
**Information provided courtesy of JetBlue’s Assessment, Measurement, and Evaluation Team (JBU)
& THE Customer Insight Team (SSC)
CIS Summit Follow-Up Survey
JD Power
Source: JD Power – 3,432 responses from June 2010 to June 2011.
CIS Year Two
Tracks Concept
Participants select focus areas to customize their Summit experience
Break-out sessions focused on topics that directly or indirectly drive
Positive Customer feedback (foundations, culture and offerings)
Service Sprints
Intense, cross-functional problem-solving exercise resulting in “green-lighted”
solutions ready for quick implementation or as input to longer-term initiatives
Value of Promoters
0.2 New Customers
0.5 Customers Lost
+ $5-8 Million
Every 1 point increase equals
$5-8 Million
Pilot Cabin PAs Drive NPS
Teamwork Drives Event Better NPS
Pilot and AO Working together
Key NPS Drivers
CIS Year Three: Spring 2012 Launch
Inflight Crewmembers
“Passport to Success”
• Conflict Resolution
• NPS Education
• “WOW” Behaviors
“Leading Edge”
• Captains Authority
• NPS Education
• “WOW” Behaviors
Customer NPS
Crewmember Engagement Scores
The Results: No Finish Line
Applications to your Business:
Establish Customer feedback process
Obtain and evaluate Employee feedback
Identify trends and gaps
Translate data into meaningful and actionable
Establish goals and a measurement system
Develop comprehensive communication – Stories!
Role Model
Celebrate, Recognize and Reward

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