Dr Peter Williams - Money Marketing RDR Invitational

Dr Peter Williams FCII FPFS
Chartered Financial Planner
Independent Business Consultant
March 2012
Wealth warning
 This is a generic presentation to fellow professionals
 I am not FSA regulated or authorised and this is not
investment advice
 Comments are based on my professional opinion
 Legislation and regulations will change. So will client’s
Oh, and ....
 I am currently the Chairman of the CII’s QEAC and a past
Vice President of the CII and PFS
 Remember about mobiles and fire exits !
The state of play – Who will Thrive
Post 2013?
At the last RDR invitational I said that qualifications and
professionalism was now a hygiene factor – the
winners would be those who
 embraced change
 built a consumer focused business model and
 successfully pilot their path through the transition
Whilst I was away on holiday ..................
decided to
provide some
further ‘guidance’
Guidance on Independent &
Policy Statement PS12/3 – Adviser
Charging & legacy assets
Final Guidance on DIFs
Guidance on VAT
We have a GREAT programme for
you today that addresses many of
the business issues that you face
Additional questions to consider
 How will providers be able to maintain strong
relationships with advisers post RDR?
 What impact will the new adviser charging models
have on product structures and pricing?
 How can simplified advice be made into a profitable
Dr Peter Williams FCII FPFS
providing Independent thinking for the new age
Tel: 07712167605
Email: [email protected]

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