Mentor Prevention Hubs

CND Side Event
International Standards of Drug Use Prevention
March 11, 2013
The Prevention Hub
Mentor International Role
• Promising and Best Practice......
• In collaboration with others......
International agencies
“Best practice”
• “Best Practice” based on:
Sound scientific principles
Research and Evaluation
Promise and Potential from experience
Accepted Quality Standards
• The “scientist” or “researcher” provides the data, the
“evidence”, the “standards”
• The “practitioner” and policy maker implement
Bridging the Gap
• Mentor aims to:
Bridge the gap between science and practice
Make it a 2 way dialogue
Make the science comprehensible and accessible
“Help the helpers” – to become aware of and to apply the
learning, the standards, the evidence.
• Accessible to the drug prevention community
– All who have a role in prevention – the agents of
– Developed and developing country settings
Quality Standards
• So much excellent and valuable work
• Informative and sound content
• Must avoid the “sitting on the self” syndrome
• Make it available, accessible
• A tool to impact policy and practice
• Improve effectiveness and efficiency
• Reach the target audiences
And so....The Prevention Hub
The Prevention Hub
A focal point for sharing research,
policy and best practice –
the Prevention Hub builds
networks and supports the
global drug prevention community
The Prevention Hub - online
Prevention Hub
Sharing & Support
All users have the ability to
share opinion, experience
and knowledge with others
in the hub forum. They can
ask Mentor any question
Prevention Hub
Professional Development
A collection of training tools,
user guides, webinars,
videos, online lectures and
discussion forums
Prevention Hub
Promising & Effective Practice
Advocates for the need for
effective prevention and
examples of evaluated
projects / programmes
Prevention Hub
Who is Who?
An extensive database of
scientists, agencies,
organisations, and individuals
working in the field, providing
opportunities for networking
and collaboration
Prevention Hub
An online library of research,
news, statistics, resources,
policy and events. Latest
articles make up the
Prevention Update
Be a part of the Prevention Hub
• Benefits to those that join the hub:
Create profile for themselves and their organisation
Share their practice
Share their research
Advertise events
Post to the forum
Comment on content
Receive the Prevention Update
Prevention Update
• FREE Resource
• Circulated every fortnight by email
• Contains summary articles covering the following
• Research
• News
• Statistics
• Policy
• Events
• Resources
• Publishes upcoming events
and conferences
• Undertaken by Oxford Brookes University
• Close collaboration with the Prevention Hub team
• Evaluating the impact of the project upon the
practitioners, as well as young people
• Learning will inform the hub development
Desired outcomes
The promotion of the need for effective drug
Desired Outcomes
Global spread of effective practice
Desired Outcomes
Accessibility to the latest news and research from the
Desired Outcomes
Appropriate training to workers on the ground
Desired Outcomes
Informed policy makers
Desired Outcomes
Science meets the practitioner – exchange that enables
science to be delivered directly to practitioners and for
practitioners to inform scientists
Desired Outcomes
Support to all ‘ask any question’
Ultimate Goal
Ultimately - effective prevention being delivered to
young people
The Target Audience
• The Drug Prevention Community – The “agents of
prevention”, the “helpers”:
Policy makers
Scientists, Researchers
Youth Leaders
Educators, Carers etc.
The ultimate target group
The global knowledge centre
that helps the helpers in drug
prevention safeguard our youth

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