Nursing Education Tuition Reimbursement Program

All Hands Meeting
July 27, 2012
Nursing Education Tuition Reimbursement Program
Collaboration with the University of the District of Columbia (UDC)
Assist LPNs who want to earn the Associates in Applied Science Nursing
(AASN) Degree
Assist RNs with Associates who want to earn the Bachelors of Science in
Nursing (BSN) Degree
Saint Elizabeths Hospital will provide tuition reimbursement to eligible
staff members:
up to $2,600 per fiscal year (BSN Program)
Up to $1,600 per fiscal year (AASN Program)
Must Sign Service Payback Agreement
All full time LPN and RN employees in the Nursing Department
Must have completed 6 months of continuous employment with Saint
Elizabeths Hospital at the time of submitting the application
Must have received and maintain a rating of “Valued Performer” (3)
or above for each competency of the Annual Performance Appraisal
and not under a current corrective action.
Must get accepted to the UDC Associates or Bachelors degree
programs in Nursing.
Must receive a minimum grade of “B” in a for credit course, and a
“P” grade for pass/fail course to continue eligibility in program.
Fast Facts
Program starts NOW! (Fall 2012 Semester)
Tuition Reimbursement Program only applies to UDC
You can apply to UDC as a transfer student or apply for
re-admittance if you previously attended
If you are currently attending UDC, tuition reimbursement
will only apply to approved courses beginning Fall 2012
Must continue to work your scheduled shift
How to Apply?
Talk to your Nurse Manager
Obtain a copy of the Nursing Education Tuition Reimbursement Program
Policy & Application
Gather information needed to meet with UDC Admissions/Academic
Official High School Transcripts or Official GED results
Official college transcripts (BSN applicants/transfers/re-admits)
Copy of License (LPNs & RNs)
Complete UDC Admissions Application on
Attend UDC Orientation at Saint Elizabeths on
LPNs: Tuesday, July 31 from 9AM – 12 Noon or 3PM – 5PM TR 257
RNs: Tuesday, August 7 from 9AM – 12 Noon TR 252

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