What can I do using E*Value?

Content for Faculty Users
 About E*Value
 My E*Value account
 About your password
 Accessing E*Value
 E*Value login screen
 E*Value Home Page
 About pop-ups
 Turning off your pop-up blocker
 Graphic icons
 Changing your password
 Forget your password?
 Logging out
 If you need help
What is E*Value?
E*Value is a web-enabled application developed by
Advanced Informatics. It’s designed to automate many tasks that we used
to perform manually.
What can I do using E*Value?
Here’s a partial list …
Create & maintain a personal online portfolio
Review clinical skills performed by students
Complete evaluations about students, preceptors, etc
Review evaluations completed by you and by others
Create forums that students can use to share experiences
Many functions are
under construction.
You will be notified
as they are rolled
Links on your E*Value Home Page will bring
you to activities that you need to complete
and/or review as well as activities that you may
access at your discretion.
For some activities (like evaluations), E*Value also generates an automatic
e-mail alert (with a link). For example, you may receive an alert that an
evaluation is pending (ready for you to complete), completed by a student
(ready for your review), and so on.
Yes, E*Value is very user-friendly.
Data entry is based
on actions that most users are already familiar with.
For example …
Text entry mimics MS Word.
Selecting items from a drop-down list requires a simple ‘point & click’.
Docs and .pdf images can be uploaded using a ‘browse’ feature.
What if I make a mistake?
No problem. You can cancel or delete most data
entries in E*Value. If you run into a snag, call your E*Value Administrator.
About your E*Value account.
You have a unique
password-protected account that was created by your
E*Value Administrator. It includes demographics and
other information about you.
You are assigned to a Home Program (BSN, MN, Doctoral)
that reflects the program you’re likely to work in most often.
Many faculty users are linked to more than one program.
Keeping your data secure.
E*Value uses SSL encryption to ensure that data
transmitted over the Internet can’t be intercepted or decoded by others.
Controls are also in place to ensure that other E*Value users can’t view information
about you unless they’ve been given access by your E*Value Administrator.
Login Name & Password.
When a user account is created, E*Value
automatically assigns a login name & password that’s unique to each user.
Your E*Value Administrator will send this temporary Login Name & Password
to you in an e-mail message. Use it to access E*Value for the first time.
After you login, please change your password immediately.
The confidentiality of information in your E*Value
account is important, so please help us protect your privacy.
DO NOT share your login name or password with anyone … ever !!!
Since E*Value is web-based,
you’ll need to connect to the Internet using
a web browser. Common browsers include:
∙ Internet Explorer
∙ Mozilla Firefox
∙ Google Chrome
Connecting to E*Value.
There are 3 ways to access E*Value …
1. From your web browser: Type the URL https://www.e-value.net
2. From the SON website: Click E*Value from the Quick Links dropdown.
3. From the SON website: Click Faculty and Staff > Information Systems > E*Value
Click Login to open the login screen.
Enter your Login Name & Password,
then click Login.
Skip ‘Institution Code’ (we don’t have
My Home Page. Clicking Login will open a Home Page that’s been customized
for each program of study (BSN, MN, Doctoral).
The Home Page includes graphic icons that bring you to
different activities in E*Value. It also includes important
dates, useful links, and references (like the ISMP Nurse
Advise-ERR newsletter).
The Home Page shows your name, e-mail address, and E*Value rank & roles
(these are security features).
An EDIT button at the bottom of the page allows you to update some personal
information (eg, home address, cell phone, e-mail, etc).
You can view the most
recent 6 issues of the
ISMP Nurse Advise-ERR.
These dates
change every
Includes tutorials for
different functionalities.
Shows how many evals
you’ve Completed, how
many are Pending, and
how many were
Suspended (recd in error).
Click the EDIT
icon to update
your bio data*.
* Note: E*Value is NOT linked to
PeopleSoft, so all name/address
changes MUST be submitted to
the Business Office.
E*Values uses a lot of pop-ups, so you must turn off your browser’s
pop-up blocker in order to view pop-up windows or complete tasks.
How do I turn off my pop-up blocker?
It’s really very easy. Simple instructions for
turning off your pop-up blocker are provided for
Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox users …
• Login to E*Value.
• Go to the Tools dropdown on the
Internet Explorer toolbar.
• Select Pop-up Blocker, then
Turn Off Pop-up Blocker.
• Login to E*Value.
• Go to Tools on the Mozilla Firefox
toolbar, and select Options.
• From the Options window, select
Content, uncheck Block pop-up
windows, then click OK.
Brightly colored graphic icons open different functionalities (things you can do) that are
available to users. Frequently used icons include …
My Profile
Choices include Password Change and MyFolio
Evaluations Choices include Pending and Student/Educator Reports
Choices include Sign-Off and Reports
Changing your Password.
1. Login to E*Value.
2. Click the purple My Profile graphic icon.
3. Click Password Change.
Password rules:
• Must be 6-12 characters
• Must use letters and numbers
• Not case-sensitive
Changing your Login Name. There is usually no need to change your login
name, but you may do so at any time. Follow the same steps described above.
If you forget your Password.
1. In the login window, click Forgot Password
2. Follow the directions.
One more option. Your E*Value Administrator
can re-set your password so you can access E*Value.
Use it to login, then change your password immediately.
Note: Your E*Value Administrator CANNOT retrieve your password. S/he can
only re-set it.
Log Out.
Click the My Account button at the top right side of your E*Value Home
Page, then click Log out.
Auto logout.
If E*Value detects lack of user activity within a certain timeframe
(2 hours for faculty users), you will be logged out automatically.
People Resources at the LSUHSC School of Nursing
For questions about your account or if you need help to complete a task, contact:
Toni Cascio
E*Value Administrator
Richard Smith E*Value Co-Administrator
(504) 568-4401 or [email protected]
(504) 568-5078 or [email protected]
For technical questions about network access or hardware issues, contact:
Richard Smith Information Technology Analyst (504) 568-5078 or [email protected]
Tutorials …
https://www.e-value.net … go to
the User Help section of your E*Value
Home Page. Click to open tutorials
created by your E*Value Administrator.
Online Resources …
https://www.e-value.net … click the
Help button in the upper right corner
of your E*Value Home Page. You can
search different topics or open FAQ’s
created by Advanced Informatics.

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