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Christmas Carol
Study Guide Answers
Act Two
Scene One
27. What time does the Ghost of
Christmas Present appear?
1 am
28. What joke does Marley play on
Makes the clock chime 1 then 12 then 1
again– trying to astonish him with “nothing”
29. Describe the Ghost of Christmas
Green robe
Torch with horn of plenty
Mounds of food all around
Act Two
Scene Two
30. Analyze the statement on page 629
“more than eighteen hundred”.
There are more than 1800 spirits floating
around London
31. What happens when Scrooge
touches the Spirit’s robe?
He goes to see the people in the street who
are singing and on their way to work
32. According to the Spirit, who needs
kindness most? Do you agree? Why?
The poor
Your opinion– write what you think!
Act Two
Scene Three
33. Describe the relationships in the
Cratchit family.
Joking/ playful
Very close to each other
Siblings are friends
Parents love each other
34. Trace Scrooge’s journey with the
Ghost of Christmas Present.
See the people in the street
The Cratchit’s home
35. Describe the Cratchit’s reaction to their
Christmas feast. What does this celebration
show Scrooge?
They’re excited and happy to be together
Shows Scrooge that it doesn’t take money
to be happy
36. What toast does Bob Cratchit make to the
surprise of Scrooge and the anger of Mrs.
Toasts Mr. Scrooge, “the founder of the
37. Why is Mrs. Cratchit angry?
Feels that Scrooge is not worthy to be
praised by her husband b/c he is such a
difficult boss

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