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Bing Basic & Stats
There IS traffic on Bing
Bing traffic converts 23% higher than Google adwords traffic
Bing traffic is cheap & converts = great for affiliates…
Pockets of ZERO competition that you won’t find on adwords…
Importing Adwords Campaigns
1. Switch back your 300% mobile adjustment
2. Geo import issues (especially at non-state level Geo’s)
3. Time zones and day parting (cannot change after import)
4. Do it in the Bing ads editor – not the web interface
Call extensions – Bing vs. Google
Landing Pages & Auto Dial Script
• Ring partner makes it easy!
• Rip & Iterate optimized landing pages (You’ll need some HTML)
• Autodialer’s do not convert. Landing page = sales page
Quality Score Google vs. Bing & How to Maximize Traffic
• Google has 1 QS per KW
• Bing has 3 QS per KW
• How can we use this to our advantage?
Traffic Maximizing Strategies pt. 2
• Remember call extensions? Bid tablets -60% for bonus traffic
• Bid the same KW’s with a new ad/URL combo
– Take a new angle on the same KW’s for your second account (see next
‘Triple Serving’ your KW’s
How to Optimize on Bing
• Download ‘Bing ads intelligence’ excel plugin
– See how much traffic potential each KW has
– See your CTR based on position and match type
– See KW opportunities
• Understand Bing ‘propagation’
• Watch last months webinar on RingPools
• Success on Bing takes more patience than Google
Bing WAP
• Attack every approved campaign at once under the same
Campaign (Common denominator for time zones)
The Future of Bing
• It’s growing! Year on year is faster then google
• When call extensions improve it will be a GOLDMINE for
Ppcall affiliates
• Interface, UI etc are all improving to stay competitive with
Free 45 Minute PPCall Training
• Type “PPCall Crash Course” into youtube
• ‘The Ultimate PPCall Affiliate Toolkit’
– Use discount code “webinar10” & get 10% off!
• Questions?

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