Why is Post-Secondary Education Important?

Canada Education Savings Program
Helping Parents Save for their Child’s
Post-Secondary Education
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• The Post-secondary education savings offered by the
Government of Canada – the CLB and the CESG
• How to access the savings incentives – RESPs
• Barriers to access the incentives and how to overcome
• Tools available to support CBO activities
• Testing your knowledge
Why is Post-Secondary Education Important?
• Roughly two-thirds of all job offers in Canada require some
form of post-secondary credentials.
• Unemployment rates are significantly higher for individuals
without post-secondary credentials.
Money available from the Government of Canada
There are several Federal Government PSE savings incentives:
1. The Canada Learning Bond (CLB)
2. The Canada Education Savings Grant (CESG) and the
Additional CESG.
3. Other incentives and HTTP link test

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